Chemicals That Kill Wasps

Although their stings hurt, not all wasps are aggressive. Left to themselves, they will not attack, but instead focus on pollinating and hunting pest insects. However, if they've built their nest by your door or a frequently used walkway, they might mistake your presence for an act of aggression. In cases like this, many household chemicals can be used to effectively and affordably kill the hive.

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Dish Soap

The most affordable solution is to mix dish soap with water in a 1:10 ratio. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it directly on each wasp you see. Because wasps breathe through their skin, coating them in soap will effectively suffocate them while also rendering their wings useless. Once the adult wasps are taken care of, knock down the nest and soak it in soapy water as well. Crush any wasps still moving with a shoe.


Gasoline fumes are deadly to wasps. Douse the hiv,e and it will die within minutes. Note that this method should only be used on wasps nesting in the ground, as tossing gasoline on the side of a house or tree can create a dangerous situation.

Aerosol Wasp Spray

Although it costs more than the other solutions, a can of wasp spray is guaranteed to do the job. Many sprays also have a long range, which makes them ideal for reaching nests.

Boric Acid

If the nest is concealed behind a wall or vinyl siding, boric acid can be used. Drill small holes in the wall where you suspect the nest to be and inject the acid. This solution might take up to several days to work. Once the wasps are dead, seal the holes so a new hive doesn't move in. Boric acid can be found in most hardware and convenience stores.

Timothy Baron

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