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Top-rated glass cooktops are sleek, luxurious and sold at better-quality stores. These cooktops are considerably costlier than regular electric or gas cooktops. Made from ceramic and glass that has been tempered and processed to make a plate that conducts heat, these cooktops add class to kitchens. Glass cooktop stoves save space on the surface and eliminate clutter on the top of the stove.

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General Electric JGP970

The 36-inch General Electric (GE) JGP970, is a gas-on-glass cooktop that is highly rated and top-of-the-line. The top is a flat, one-piece, smooth and easy-to-clean surface. It has sealed burners that reduce the space between the four burners, and the cooktop surface keeps boil-over spills contained. The burners deliver 15,000 BTUs of heat and have a low setting with 140 degrees of heat for simmering. A continuous grate gives a steady, even surface that allows easy movement of pots and pans on the cooktop. This GE cooktop also has a safety feature that shuts off the gas if it is accidentally turned on. The grates and knobs are safe in the dishwasher, and this stove comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Kitchenaid KECC508

The 32-inch Kitchenaid KECC508 is an electric ceramic glass cooktop that has touch-activated controls and is a best-rated stove. This cooktop has a melt and hold feature, a low-simmer function and a custom temperature management program. The elements function in triple and dual capacities for multiple uses, and the cooktop has a six-inch/nine-inch element, a seven-inch element and two six-inch elements. This cooktop also has three different simmer levels on each element. The Kitchenaid KECC508 has an indicator light and hot-surface light on the top of the stove, and a one-year warranty comes on parts and labor.

Bosch NIT8053UC

The 31-inch Bosch NIT8053UC electric glass cooktop is highly rated and has four elements, with the main element being 12 inches. The remaining elements are a six-inch and two seven-inches that complete the 30 inches of surface area. This cooktop also has a pan-size detection feature, a pan recognition monitor, a keep-warm function, an automated overheat shutoff, a child-proof lockout and a spill-detector shutoff. This cooktop is 31 inches wide and 21 inches deep and has a one-year warranty on parts and labor, while a five-year warranty comes on parts for the glass top and elements.