Ways to Cool Down Your Memory Foam Mattress

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When you enjoy sleeping on a cloud but want to take the heat out of your sleep, you have more than one option besides kicking your partner out of bed. Memory foam naturally retains your body heat and doesn't dissipate it very well, which makes for an unsexy sleep. But a cooled-down memory foam mattress helps provide sweet dreams and a sound night's sleep; additionally, it allows you to choose when you want to get hot and sweaty.

Top It Off

Add a topper to the mattress to increase its luxuriousness as well as cool down the mattress. Made from natural latex, Latex toppers usually breathe better than memory foam and don't trap the heat inside. Other options for a cooler memory foam bed include a feather-bed topper or a gel memory foam topper that's at least 3 inches thick.

Pad the Sleep

Mattress pads made with proprietary products designed for reducing the body's temperature are one way to make your mattress more comfortable for sleeping. Like the gel topper, you can also buy gel memory pads or even specially designed pads that circulate water at your preset temperatures to keep you cool when sleeping.

Soft as Wool

Believe it or not, wool toppers can cool you down as you sleep, and they can also keep you warmer in the winter. Because of the hollowness of the wool fibers, wool wicks moisture from the body, keeping you cool and dry, not slimy and sweaty.

Waterbed Pillow

When your head gets too hot, the body also heats up. One way to keep cool while you're sleeping is to use a water-filled pillow. These pillows have an adjustable height and fullness and limit the heat buildup common to regular pillows. With a multi-quart area inside the pillow filled with water surrounded by a layer of polyester filler, you may feel the pillow works too well. You can adjust the fullness of the pillow by adding or subtracting water.

Fan the Bed

For those hot summer nights when you don't want to run the air conditioner and still stay cool in bed, you can buy a bed fan that stands at the foot of the bed. The fan circulates cooler air beneath the sheets as it pulls air from beneath the bed -- make certain you dust first for clean air -- when installed properly. The sheets fit over the bed. Some bed fans even come with remote controls.

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