How to Keep Skunks Away From Your Yard

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Skunks look for food and water in people's yards.

Skunks can be a nuisance. They spray a foul smelling liquid when they feel threatened from a distance of up to 10 feet. The spray can cause temporary blindness if it reaches the eyes. Skunks also spread rabies and they can get into trash and other items in your yard, and make a mess. You can keep them away from your yard by removing any food sources and possibilities of shelter.

Step 1

Pick up all pet food. If you normally leave food and water out for your pets during the day, take everything inside at night.

Step 2

Secure all trash cans. Make sure a skunk cannot get into the trash can.

Step 3

Make sure your front and back porch are completely enclosed. Look for openings under the porches -- these are favorite spots for skunks.

Step 4

Pick up all the fruit from under fruit trees. Skunks frequent your yard if they know there is always fruit readily available.

Step 5

Get rid of your wood piles or any other space a skunk may find appealing to hide in. Skunks like to hide in places that have small openings.


You can also trap skunks. This is not very appealing as you would have to worry about the skunk spraying you. If you do choose this option, check your local laws to make sure it is legal in your area.


If you know that skunks are wandering around your yard at night, do not allow your dogs and other pets to go outdoors, or have contact with them. Skunk spray in a dog's face or mouth can be very dangerous.