How to Get Rid of Bumblebees

Bumblebees live in underground nests, in abandoned holes or tunnels left by rodents. They can also build nests close to the ground. Bumblebees present a major problem, because it is often hard to detect the location of a nest; thus, a person can stumble upon one by getting stung. Getting rid of bumblebees takes a keen eye and the right materials.

Bumble Bee

Step 1

Find the location of a bumblebee nest at daybreak. This is when bumblebees emerge from a nest, making it easier to see where it is located. This takes patience, but is necessary in order to rid your lawn of the nest.

Step 2

Mix the grape jelly, cat food and boric acid together. Form this mixture into small, gumball-sized balls.

Step 3

Throw the balls around the area of the bumblebee nest. The bees will be attracted to the food and will take it back to the nest. It will kill the bees, including the queen. Thus, the queen will not be able to produce any new bees.

Step 4

Use dirt to fill the hole where the bees were coming in and out of to prevent another nest in the same location. After the first frost of the year, bumblebees die off. At this time, scan your yard for other holes and fill them as well.

Denise Oliveri

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