Stove fires often happen with grease being the culprit. Hot grease can become so hot it will ignite. Oil is famous for starting stove fires as well. A stove fire can quickly spread to counters and cabinets, curtains and other flammable things in your kitchen. The most important thing you can do to prevent a stove fire is to stay near the appliance while you are cooking. Leaving it unattended is the leading cause of all kitchen fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Should you have a stove fire, however, simple steps can get solve the problem.

Stove fires can happen quickly. Know how to react should one pop up.

Step 1

Top the pan or pot with a lid to smother the flames (use an oven mitt to put the lid onto the pot or pan).

Step 2

Turn off the burner, leaving the pan in place.

Step 3

Leave the lid on until the pan is cool to the touch.