How Does a Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser Work?

Liquid hand soap eliminates the mess and potential spread of germs that can come with sharing bar soap. Public restrooms often use a wall dispenser where a bag of liquid soap is inserted. The dispenser can easily be refilled. For the home, small stand-alone pump dispensers are available. They are either glass or plastic bottles with a pump top. These come in an array of soap fragrances and dispenser designs, and can be refilled.

How Does a Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser Work?

Liquid Soap

Commercial Dispenser

Commercial hand soap dispensers come in various styles. One popular style is a rectangular plastic box that hangs on the bathroom wall. The front of the box drops open, allowing the bag of soap to the inserted. The bag of liquid soap has a protruding nozzle on the lower section of the bag, which sticks out from the box when the lid is closed. The dispenser box has a mechanism that squeezes the bag when the lever on the dispenser box is pushed. This pressure forces the soap to move out of the nozzle.

Pump Dispenser

Some commercial hand soap dispensers work on the same principle as the home dispenser. The pump on the dispenser is attached to a tube that runs into the soap. When the pump is pushed down, it pushes the air and soap out of the tube. When the pump is released, the soap is drawn up the tube, sucking the soap up the tube and out of the pump spigot.

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