How to Save Fruit and Vegetable Seeds

Most experienced gardeners save seeds from their annual crops. If you have an heirloom variety of a particular fruit or vegetable, it is advantageous to retain those seeds. Choose seeds from the best, or earliest, fruits and vegetables to continue desired traits.

Save seeds from this year's harvest for next year's garden.

Step 1

Scrape the seeds away from the produce on any fruits or vegetables that have seeds that separate easily from the produce and are not covered in pulp.

Step 2

Remove as much pulp as possible from the seed with your fingers if you are saving seeds from produce with a lot of liquid or pulp. Soak or rinse them immediately to remove the remainder. After soaking, strain the seeds from the water with your hand or with a strainer.

Step 3

Spread out the seeds evenly on a glass dish. Place them in a sunny window for one week. Using a glass dish prevents the seeds from sticking, as they do to a paper towel. You won't damage the seeds trying to remove them from a glass surface.

Step 4

Place the seeds in an envelope after they have dried. Write the type of seed and the date on the envelope. Store them in a dry, dark, cool place.