How to Change the Oil on a GMC Canyon

Sure, changing the oil on your car isn't your favorite thing to do. My dad was always changing his every 3,000 miles, and he taught me how to change the oil on my car as soon as I had my driver's license in hand. Our neighbor loves his GMC trucks and he raves about his Canyon. If you are hands-on or want to learn how to change the oil in your GMC Canyon, here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the process

The Canyon, one of GMC's truck fleet
GM Oil Life System comes standard on most GMC vehicles

Most GM vehicles are now equipped with the GM Oil Life System. This system actually senses your vehicle's speed and engine temperature and can continuously monitor operating conditions. This helps determine when it's time to change the oil. This system can actually monitor your personal driving habits and your area's climate condition to let you know precisely when its time for you to do an oil change. When the light comes on, you come in. It's that simple. It'll will save you money and help reduce oil waste.

Step 2

Now that you are ready, the first step in an oil change for the GMC Canyon is to get the old stuff out of there. The oil drains out of the oil pan at the very bottom of your engine. The oil is held in by a drain plug that looks like a big bolt at the bottom of the pan.

Step 3

Before you remove the oil drain plug, be sure that you have a container positioned underneath the oil drain to catch the old oil. Its not fun to spend the rest of your day cleaning up spilled oil after a change.When you remove the drain plug, let it drop into the top of the container. There's a screen on top that will keep it from dropping into the old stuff.Let all of the oil drain out, then replace the drain plug, tightening it snug, but not too hard.Put the cap on the old oil container so you can drop it off at a location that accepts used oil -- full service gas stations, Goodwrench locations or any GMC service center will take them. Feel good about doing something environmentally friendly as well and recycling your oil waste.

Step 4

Next you need to remove your old oil filter. Using an oil filter wrench, turn the filter counterclockwise until it's free. Be careful with it, it's still full of old oil that can spill and make a mess.

A Hastings filter will work for the GMC Canyon and runs about $5

With the old oil out and the old filter out of the way, it's time to put the change in oil change. But before you install the new oil filter, you have to get it ready.Before you screw the new oil filter into place, lubricate the rubber gasket on the end of the filter with some new oil. Next, fill the new oil filter with oil to about 2/3. It's ok if you go over that amount, it just means you might spill a bit when you screw it on.The GMC Canyon can use filters such as the Hastings -- OEM Direct Fit Replacement Full-Flow Lube Filter, Spin-on Filter, 3 O.D., 3 1/2 Length, I Gasket Included, Replaces GMC 25010251; Baldwin B31. These run for about $5.50 at most auto part shops. If you're a Penzoil fan you can use a PZ-48 Pennzoil Oil Filter or PO-48 Performax

Step 6

Carefully screw the new oil filter into place. Remember, it has oil in it so don't forget to hold it upright. The filter will screw on clockwise.You don't need a wrench to install the new oil filter. Screw it on as tight as you can get it with one hand. Overtightening is bad as the the oil filter can strip its threads and cause a leak. Of course, not tightening it enough can cause a leak. So screw the filter on as tight as it will go with one hand.

Step 7

Now you're ready to fill the engine with oil. Unscrew the oil fill cap and insert your funnel. Single quart and 5-quart containers will work. I use Castrol GTX for the GMC Canyon (around $8 a gallon). Only fill the oil 3/4 of the way full! We're almost done...

Step 8

If you are a novice or a professional you still want to check your oil level before you give yourself a pat on the back. Its important to only fill the oil 3/4 of the way because there may be some oil in there we haven't accounted for. Check your oil and add more until you're at the right level.Be sure to put your oil cap back on! You don't want to start an engine fire from your oil spray.