Ice makers conveniently make ice automatically for you, without your needing to fill up or empty ice trays each time you want ice for a drink. If your ice maker isn't functioning properly, or if the fill tube is covered over with ice, you'll need to defrost it to keep the ice maker in the best working order. Defrosting your ice maker isn't necessarily a difficult task and won't require you to do anything too complicated. Before working on the refrigerator, pull it away from the wall and unplug the unit.

If your ice maker isn't working it might need defrosting.

Step 1

Remove the bin from under the ice maker, and dispose of any errant ice pieces that may have fallen out of the bin. Clear enough room around the ice maker to fully access the parts.

Step 2

Locate the white fill tube that fills the ice maker with water and remove the metal clip.

Step 3

Melt ice from the fill tube by holding a hair dryer near it. Turn off the hair dryer and wipe up any standing water to limit the chance of shock. Be careful to not focus too much heat near the plastic parts of the freezer. You'll know the fill tube is thawed out when the tube is more pliable.

Step 4

Replace the metal clip and the bin under the ice maker before plugging in the refrigerator.