How to Troubleshoot a Haier Air Conditioner

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Don't use your air conditioner when the outdoor temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You will find it is ineffective at providing cool air.

Air conditioners are sometimes built into windows, especially in high-rise buildings.

Haier is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, but it remains a relatively minor player in the North American market. The company makes a range of domestic air conditioners for keeping your home or workplace comfortable during the hottest days of the year. Troubleshooting is the easiest way to get your air conditioner working again without professional assistance. Many problems come from the electricity supply or the location of the air conditioner.

Step 1

Verify the unit is plugged in and switched on. You don't want to find out your appliance wasn't working because of a simple power supply issue. The power cable should be in a working outlet and the power switch or dial set to "On."

Step 2

Turn up the fan or switch the unit to "Air Conditioning" mode. Some Haier air conditioners have a "Fan Only" mode for gentle cooling without the motor. Increase the fan speed if you need a stronger blast of air or find the unit too weak.

Step 3

Rearrange your room to suit the location of the air conditioner. Blinds, curtains, furniture and chairs can all block air flow out of the air conditioner and negatively impact the appliance's cooling effect. Haier portable air conditioners can be easily moved without switching around your furniture. Close your windows when the air conditioning is running.

Step 4

Turn the air conditioner down if ice begins to appear on the front grille or cooling coils. An air conditioner that is too powerful for the size of its location may ice up easily and become less efficient. Turning the air conditioner down or switching to "Fan Only" mode will allow the ice to dissipate.

Step 5

Vacuum out the air filter and empty the water tank, if fitted. The air filter can restrict air flow and cause icing when it is filled with dust and lint. Pull down the grille on the front of the air conditioner to access the air filter. Water tanks need to be emptied when full and are usually fitted to stand-alone units. A warning light will appear on the control panel when the tank is full.


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