How to Troubleshoot a Haier Air Conditioner

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You can troubleshoot your air conditioner.
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You rely on your Haier air conditioner to cool your room. So, when it stops working correctly, you are left sweating and wondering what to do. Even if you're not an HVAC pro, a little troubleshooting can reveal a minor cause that's easy to fix. Start with the most common problems to troubleshoot your Haier window air conditioner before you call a professional.


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Haier Air Conditioner Not Running

If your Haier air conditioner won't turn on, you likely have a power issue. Check the electrical outlet to ensure the air conditioner is plugged in completely. Check the GFI or GFCI on the air conditioner plug to see if it's tripped. While the unit is unplugged, hit the "reset" button on your plug and plug it back in. Test something else in the outlet if the A/C still doesn't work to verify that the outlet is working.


If that doesn't help, check the circuit breaker that controls the air conditioner. Window air conditioners need a dedicated circuit since they draw so much power when they run. When other things run on the same circuit, your breaker could trip due to the demand for power. Reset the breaker and move everything else from that circuit if possible to prevent the problem from happening again.

Frozen Air Conditioner

You want your air conditioner to cool your home, but you don't want the window unit to become so cold that it freezes over. When that happens, it won't cool your home. Several things can cause your Haier air conditioner to freeze.


Restricted airflow lowers the temperature in the evaporator coil. If it drops below freezing, it can cause the unit to freeze over. A dirty air filter or anything that blocks the front or back of the air conditioner can cause airflow issues. Check for these blockages and correct them to see if that helps. The coils can also ice over if humidity from the air collects on them, so let the unit thaw and dry.


Cold outdoor temperatures can also cause the unit to freeze. If you use the air conditioner when the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it can interfere with how it operates. For example, if you leave it running at night when the temperature drops low, it could cause the air conditioner to freeze. Avoid running the air conditioner when the outdoor temperature cools down.

Air Conditioner Running Constantly

Does it seem like your air conditioner never stops running? This can happen if the air conditioner size is too small for the room. The unit has to run continuously to try to cool the room adequately. If the unit is sized properly, there could be other factors that keep the room warm and cause the air conditioner to run constantly. Examples include windows that are partially open and gaps around the unit that let in hot air from outdoors.


Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly

The issue of a Haier air conditioner not cooling properly sometimes happens along with the unit running constantly. If the room isn't cooling off enough, the unit will continue to run to reach the set temperature. If your room doesn't feel as cool as you want it, check the setting to make sure it didn't get changed.


Next, make sure your window treatments aren't covering the air conditioner. A dirty air conditioner can also interfere with cooling. Unplug the unit before you clean your air conditioner to improve its operation. It's easier to clean your air conditioner if you remove it from the window. Clean or replace the filter, straighten the fins, spray the coils, and wipe down the fan blades.

If your air conditioner still isn't working, you can call Haier at 1-877-337-3639 or schedule service on its website. A local HVAC professional can also help you diagnose and fix the problem to get your Haier air conditioner working again.


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