How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Friedrich AC

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If the fan fails to blow, check the fan component for debris.

Friedrich air conditioner units come in a variety of models, such as portable, window and central. Some units share basic problems, such as freezing lines, power problems following outages and difficulty cooling hot rooms. If you attempt to fix a Friedrich, you can save yourself money and frustration. If you cannot fix the problem, contact a technician or Friedrich customer service for further assistance.


Step 1

Unplug the Friedrich unit from the wall power outlet if the unit continuously blows fuses or trips the power breaker. Refer to the circuit-breaker box to determine how much power load the circuit can take on and confirm that the appliances, which share the circuit, do not exceed the circuit-load limit. If too many appliances are using the same circuit, unplug and relocate some appliances to a different circuit.


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Step 2

Unplug the unit from an extension cord, if it fails to turn on. Some Friedrichs are not designed to work with extension cords. Plug the unit into a grounded power outlet.

Step 3

Press the "Reset" button on the Friedrich plug, if the unit fails to turn on after a power outage. The reinstatement of power to the circuit might have tripped the plug's internal power-surge protector. The "Reset" button should remain compressed after the "On/Off" button on the unit is pressed and the unit turns on.


Step 4

Turn exhaust fans on when cooking or taking a shower to draw excess heat from the room, if the Friedrich air conditioner seems to run too frequently. Abstain from using large appliances that produce a lot of heat during the middle of a hot day. When the unit has to compete with large amounts of heat, the unit works harder than normal.

Step 5

Lift the window that holds the window unit in place, if water drips into the room from the unit. Hold the unit in place and reinstall it so that it is at a slight tilt toward the back of the unit. The excess liquid should drip from the air conditioner toward the back near the drain pan, instead of running along the bottom of the unit toward the front of the unit and inside the home.


Step 6

Turn the unit off or run the fan only, if the Friedrich fails to cool during times when the outside temperature is lower than approximately 65° F. If the outside temperature is lower than the room temperature and the lowest thermostat setting on the Friedrich, the unit might freeze while in use. Either turn the thermostat up to a warmer setting and run the fan on low or turn the unit off altogether.



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