Delonghi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

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Delonghi air conditioners, such as the PAC210, are portable air conditioning units you can move from room to room with ease while still providing sufficient cooling during those hot and muggy months. Dirty filters, incorrect thermostat settings and power problems are some of the issues that can diminish your air conditioner's cooling efficiency, so performing frequent troubleshooting procedures is sometimes necessary.


Step 1

Make sure your Delonghi air conditioner is plugged into an electrical outlet if it is not turning on. Make sure the "On/Off" switch is set to "On."

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Step 2

Remove obstructions, such as toys or drapes, from the outlet vent to allow proper airflow if your room is not getting cool. Make sure your windows are closed.


Step 3

Check the thermostat settings on your air conditioning unit if it is not cooling. Adjust the temperature settings. Increase the temperature and lower it again to see if it will begin cooling.

Step 4

Locate the air filter compartment on the top of your unit and remove the filter if your unit is not cooling efficiency. Inspect it for dirt and debris. A dirty filter can reduce the quantity of air circulation and diminish cooling.


Step 5

Attach a hose to a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the air filter. Once the air filter is dust- and lint-free, rinse it with running water and then allow it to dry completely before reinserting it into the compartment. Clean the filters weekly.

Step 6

Contact a qualified appliance technician if you see a "PF" error on your unit's display. The PF error is a probe failure, which means the sensor is damaged.

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