How to Fix a Fedders Air Conditioner That Won't Come On

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The first Fedders air conditioner was introduced in 1946, and the company still offers room air conditioners and through-the-wall air conditioners to help keep you cool. If your Fedders air conditioner was in perfect working order before this little blip, don't call the repair technician just yet. The problem may be easy to fix. When your Fedders air conditioner fails to turn on, the problem is electrical. There could be a hiccup in the electricity supply from your home or something interfering with the air conditioner's working order.


To help identify common problems, Fedders recommends a few home troubleshooting techniques. If these do not fix your problem, then you'll want to call in a professional. Further tampering may void your warranty or damage the unit.

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How to Fix a Fedders Air Conditioner That Won't Come On

Step 1: Make Sure It's Plugged In

Check the power cord to make sure it's plugged in fully. It might seem silly, but the air conditioner cord might have been pulled from the outlet without you noticing. Push the cord in completely if it's partially unplugged and see if the unit turns on.


Step 2: Inspect the Power Cord

Examine the power cord for signs of physical damage. If you find damage, call a technician to have the cord replaced. Do not attempt to operate the unit until then.

Step 3: Check the Power Cord Connection

Turn the unit off via the master control switch. Unplug the power cord, then plug it back in. Jostle the plug slightly to check the connection. If it is quite loose or the plug easily slides out, a poor electrical connection is likely the cause of the power failure. You must replace that wall outlet or plug the Fedders air conditioner into another outlet.


Step 4: Move Obstructions From Air Intake

Remove anything that obstructs the air conditioner's air intake. The blockage may be causing the unit to overheat in which case the unit will automatically shut itself off. Allow the Fedders AC to cool for 10 minutes, then attempt to turn the unit on again.

Step 5: Check the Reset Button

Check to see if the reset button has popped up. If it has, the arc detection device was tripped. Unplug the Fedders AC. Depress the reset button. Plug the unit back in. Turn the unit on.


Step 6: Check for a Tripped Breaker

Turn the master control to "high fan." If the fan does not respond, the problem may be your home's electrical supply. Unplug the AC and plug another electrical appliance into the outlet. If the second appliance also fails to operate, the problem is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. Then try to turn the AC unit on again.

Step 7: Adjust the Thermostat Setting

Lower the thermostat setting on the air conditioner. The air conditioner runs until it reaches the selected temperature setting and then shuts off. If the room is cool enough, the air conditioner won't run until it warms up again. By lowering the thermostat setting to lower than the room temperature, you can see if the air conditioner kicks on. Give it a few minutes to see if it turns on.


Step 8: Call a Technician

Call an HVAC professional if none of these troubleshooting steps fix the problem. There could be a mechanical issue inside the air conditioner that requires a professional fix.




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