How to Work a Haier Air Conditioner

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Dripping water from the back of the Haier outdoors is part of normal operation. It will not harm the appliance.

Haier manufactures a line of portable and window air conditioners for cooling single rooms. Features vary on different models, but typically include three speeds, adjustable cooling settings and a programmable timer to turn the unit on and off during the day. The remote control supplied with the Haier air conditioner is about the size of a credit card and runs on a single, round watch battery, which also comes with the unit. You can work the air conditioner with the remote control or the push buttons on the front of the unit.

Step 1

Press the red or gray "On/Off" button on the center of the Haier remote or the front panel of the air conditioner to turn on the appliance.

Step 2

Press "Mode" to select fan operation or to activate the air conditioning.

Step 3

Push the up or down temperature key to set the temperature at which the air conditioner will maintain the room. Each key has a triangle printed on it.

Step 4

Adjust the louver slides at the top front of the unit to direct air flow in your room.

Step 5

Press the "Timer" button repeatedly to enter the number of hours the air conditioner will operate before shutting off. On models with programmable timers, use the arrow keys on the front panel or remote control to set the day and time for on/off operation.

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