How to Work a Haier Air Conditioner

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Single-room air conditioners help you keep your cool when you don't have central air or if some rooms need extra cooling. Haier produces both window and portable air conditioners to fit various situations. The specific controls might vary from model to model since the features are different, but the general guidelines on how to operate a Haier air conditioner are similar.


Proper Air Conditioner Installation

A portable Haier air conditioner should have at least 20 inches of clearance on all sides to maintain airflow. It also needs to be close enough to a window that you can install the exhaust hose. You'll need to install the window panels that hold the exhaust hose and connect the hose to the air conditioning unit. Portable units can move around as long as you don't stretch the exhaust hose too far.


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Window models need to go in an exterior window so that the back portion sticks outside for proper venting. It has a mounting rail at the top that attaches to the window and side panels that cover the openings. Weather seals help block hot outside air from seeping into your home.

Check the Power Source

Whether you choose a Haier portable or window air conditioner, putting it on a dedicated circuit reduces the risk of tripping the breaker. Air conditioners draw a lot of power, especially at the start of the cycle. If you plug it into an outlet on a shared circuit, it could trip the breaker when it turns on.


Choose Your Settings

Haier air conditioners typically have straightforward buttons that are easy to distinguish and choose. Common buttons include power, fan speed, time, fan only, sleep mode, and up and down arrows to adjust the temperature setting. Press the corresponding buttons to change these settings or turn features on and off. Indicator lights near the buttons show you which settings are currently selected.


Many models also have a remote control with similar buttons so you can adjust the settings without getting up. Point the remote at the sensor and make the desired changes to the settings. Some units are also Wi-Fi compatible, allowing you to control them from an app.

Clean and Maintain It

Keeping your Haier air conditioner clean optimizes its operation and puts less strain on the motor to help it last longer. Always unplug the air conditioner before cleaning it to prevent shocks. Remove the front grille to reveal the air filter at least once per month to clean it. Add a few drops of mild dish soap to warm water to wash the filter and rinse it well. Let the filter dry completely before you put it back in the unit and turn it on.


If you have a portable Haier air conditioner, you'll need to empty the internal tank regularly. The air conditioner pulls humidity out of the air, and it collects as water in the tank. To empty it, unplug the unit and put a large, shallow pan underneath the drain on the back. It has a cap and rubber plug covering the drain that you need to remove to release the water. Put the plug and cap back in place when it's empty and turn it back on.


Troubleshoot When Necessary

You might need to troubleshoot your Haier air conditioner if it doesn't work properly. If the unit won't run, check the plug and breaker to ensure it has power. If the plug has a reset button, try pressing that as well. If the unit runs but doesn't cool well enough, the unit could be too small for the room, you could have a dirty filter, or the coils could be frozen.



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