How to Get a Crackling Fireplace on Screen

A crackling fireplace offers warmth and beauty, encouraging quiet reflection and relaxation. If don't have a fireplace in your house or apartment, you may at least obtain an image of one for use on your TV or computer screen. Use a DVD player connected to the TV or a computer's built-in disc drive to play back discs recorded with images of a fire. You can also download screensavers from the Internet to your computer, depicting a fire. Turn on the speakers to hear the flames crackle over the logs.

Watch a virtual fire on your TV or computer with a DVD.


Step 1

Eject the disc tray on your DVD player or computer to insert the DVD containing your crackling fire program. Close the tray and wait a moment for the disc to load.

Step 2

Press the down arrow button on your DVD remote control or use the mouse on a computer to select "Repeat Play" and then press "Play" or "Start," depending on the disc.

Step 3

Adjust the volume on your TV or computer speakers to enjoy the crackling sounds of the fire recorded with the images on your DVD.


Step 4

Open the Internet browser on your computer to enter a web link for a screensaver.

Step 5

Click the "Download' button on the screen and click "Run" when prompted. The screensaver downloads to your computer.

Step 6

Restart the computer when the download is complete, if prompted by the website.

Step 7

Right-click the mouse or touchpad button on the desktop to open the screensaver application on a Windows computer or click "Finder" and "Applications" on a Mac.

Step 8

Select the fireplace screensaver from the list of available screensavers that appear and click "Apply" or "OK." You can also adjust the time delay for the screensaver to begin displaying on your computer monitor.