Instructions for a Braun Coffee Maker

Braun has a full line of coffeemakers, offering a style and size for every kitchen. Operating the machine correctly is the key to a perfect cup of Joe. The Braun coffeemaker is easy to clean and handle when full. It is available in an 8- or 10-cup model, with both operating in the same manner.

Coffee is a morning staple.

Step 1

Fill the carafe with water to the desired cup amount.

Step 2

Pour water into the water reservoir on the coffeemaker.

Step 3

Place a paper filter into the filter basket. Pour ground coffee into the filter basket and place the basket into the water reservoir in the filter holder. Average-strength coffee takes about 3/4 tbsp. of coffee grounds per cup.

Step 4

Place the carafe on the warming plate of the coffeemaker.

Step 5

Turn switch to on and allow the coffee to brew. Remove and pour once the carafe has filled to the desired cup amount and brewing has stopped.

Step 6

Empty the filter basket and rinse any coffee grounds from the basket. Replace it in the basket holder.