How to Clean a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

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It is important to properly clean your stainless steel coffee pot.
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A Cuisinart insulated coffee maker is made to keep coffee hot for a lengthy period of time. This also makes it susceptible to stains from the coffee bean oils. Cleaning the coffee maker unit and thermal carafe can ensure every cup tastes as good as the first and that the machine stays in good working order.


Daily Cleaning for Coffee Maker

Cuisinart recommends that the coffee maker be unplugged daily and allowed to cool before washing out the filter basket with hot, soapy water. The inside of the thermal carafe should be rinsed with tepid water and set upside down to dry. Wiping the inside of the carafe with a towel can leave behind lint.


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The coffee maker unit and thermal carafe should not be placed in a dishwasher or submerged in water. Wipe the outside of the unit and carafe with a soft cloth before plugging the unit back in to use.

Monthly Cleaning Tips

Hard water can clog the coffee maker parts. Once a month, fill the thermal carafe with about 2 cups of vinegar and add cold water. Pour this mild cleaning solution into the reservoir opening. Run the machine as usual. Thoroughly rinse the carafe and fill with cold water. Run the machine two or three times with a carafe of plain cold water to remove the vinegar from the unit and thermal hot pot.


Removing Stubborn Stains

A vinegar bath with salt and a good scrub with a plastic mesh sponge is recommended to remove stubborn stains that cling to the carafe. Coffee-Statistics recommends placing six ice cubes into the thermal carafe along with 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of vinegar. A slice or two of lemon can further help remove stubborn stains in the coffee pot.


Swirl the solution until the ice begins to melt. Use a plastic mesh sponge to scrub at the coffee stains around the sides of the carafe. For narrow openings, a pair of tongs can be used to hold the plastic mesh sponge to scrub the interior of the coffee pot. Rinse the pot well and leave upside down on a cloth to dry. It may take a few rinses to thoroughly remove the acrid taste of vinegar.

Cuisinart DTC-975 Troubleshooting

If the carafe won't seal or the machine sputters during brewing, then it may need some quick attention with some troubleshooting tips.


  • Set the time and minute by pressing the hour button for two seconds or until Time Set appears on the display screen. Set the hour and minute and wait 15 seconds for the clock to start at the correct time.
  • If the basket begins to overflow when the carafe is taken off the hot plate, then it could be the carafe has been removed from the platform for more than 30 seconds. The Cuisinart DTC-975 will pause for only 30 seconds before water begins to flow into the coffee grounds basket.
  • Check the lid seal if the brew leaks when you pour from the carafe. Clean it and inspect it for flaws or obstructions.


If none of the Cuisinart DTC-975 troubleshooting tips fixed the issue with the machine or carafe, then it may be time to pack it up and send it back to the factory. The company offers a limited warranty on the DTC-975 machine and carafe for three years, according to Cuisinart.



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