How to Program a Gevalia Coffee Maker

For many, enjoying a cup of coffee is the first order of the day. Preparing a pot for brewing may not always be convenient, however. The Gevalia 12-cup stainless steel coffee machine features programmable settings that allow fresh, hot coffee to be brewed at a specified time of day.

Step 1

Set the Gevalia coffee machine clock to the current time. The machine has a "Hour" and "Min" buttons. Holding either button down causes the numbers to scroll rapidly. "AM" is indicated in the upper left corner of the digital display. "PM" is indicated in the lower left corner.

Step 2

Press the "Program" button to begin setting the auto brewing time. "Program" will flash on the digital display.

Step 3

Press the "Hour" and "Min" buttons to set the desired brewing time.

Step 4

Confirm the automatic brew time by pressing the "Program" button once more. The word "Program" will disappear form the digital display after a few seconds.

Step 5

Prepare the machine for brewing, by adding the desired combination of coffee and water to the Gevalia coffee maker.

Step 6

Press the "Auto" button. "Auto" will now be indicated on the digital display.

Matthew Ferguson

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