My Cuisinart Coffee Pot Won't Turn On

While a Cuisinart coffee pot that refuses to work can cause frustration, especially on early mornings when you were looking forward to a hot cup of joe, the problem could have a simple solution that can have you brewing your coffee in minutes. Whether you fix the issue yourself or you need to consult a repair service, become familiar with the basic operating and cleaning procedures of your coffee pot so you can avoid problems in the future.

Troubleshoot your Cuisinart coffee pot so that you can enjoy your fresh-brewed coffee.

Step 1

Fill the coffee pot water reservoir before you attempt to turn on the appliance. The coffee pot cannot function with a dry reservoir and attempting to brew coffee in this condition could damage the appliance.

Step 2

Check the electrical cord of your Cuisinart coffee pot to ensure that it is plugged into an electrical outlet and free of damage or defects. If the power cord of your Cuisinart coffee pot is damaged or broken, do not use the appliance until the cord has been repaired by an authorized Cuisinart repair center.

Step 3

Press the on/off button on the front of your Cuisinart coffeemaker. The red power light should come on to indicate that the appliance is functioning.

Step 4

Turn the function knob on your Cuisinart coffeemaker to the "Brew" setting. If the function knob is set to "Auto On," the coffeemaker will only begin to brew at the programmed time.

Step 5

Consult with Cuisinart customer service or a repair center if you cannot determine the cause of your coffee pot's malfunction.