How to Use a General Electric Automatic Percolator

General Electric offers two types of automatic percolators, one holds 12 cups, which is designed for everyday household use. The other is a 40 cup coffee urn, designed more for office or party settings. In either model, coffee is made in much the same way.

Cup of coffee

12-Cup Model

Step 1

Wash and dry all parts of the percolator before the first use. This will remove any shipping or packaging dust from the appliance.

Step 2

Fill the coffee pot with water for the desired amount of coffee as indicated by the fill lines inside the pot.

Step 3

Place the basket stem inside the pot, then place the coffee basket on the stem.

Step 4

Place approximately 1 tbsp. of coarsely ground coffee per cup into the basket. For example, for a full pot, use at least 12 tbsp. of coffee.

Step 5

Place the lid on the pot, and lock it in place by turning the lid into the locking position.

Step 6

Plug the electric cord into the machine then into a wall outlet. The coffee pot will begin to perk automatically, once it is plugged into the power.

Step 7

Allow approximately 1 minute per cup for the coffee to perk. The ready light will glow when the coffee is done.

40-Cup Urn

Step 8

Fill the coffee urn with water to the appropriate water gauge line marked inside the urn.

Step 9

Place the stem and basket into the urn.

Step 10

Fill the coffee basket with coarsely ground coffee. A full 40 cups may take 2 1/2 cups or more of coffee for full flavor.

Step 11

Attach the lid to the machine. Plug the electric cord into the coffee urn and the opposite end into an electrical outlet. The coffee urn will begin brewing automatically.

Step 12

Watch for the blue light to appear as this indicates the coffee is brewing. The blue light will turn green when the coffee is ready to serve.