With the possible exception of the television set, no home appliance is looked at more often than a clock. Old-style analog wall clocks that needed to be installed adjacent to an electrical outlet have become a thing of the past. Most modern wall clocks use one or two AA batteries for their power source, which means they can be installed virtually anywhere. Installing a clock of this type will only take a couple of minutes.

Battery-powered wall clocks are easy to install.

Step 1

Install the battery or batteries into the back of the clock, and set the clock to the correct time.

Step 2

Locate a suitable wall space to hang your clock.

Step 3

Tear two small pieces of masking tape from the roll and stick them on the wall in a cross or "X" to prevent the wall board or Sheetrock from cracking.

Step 4

Drive the Sheetrock screw into the wall in the center of the spot where the two pieces of masking tape intersect. Leave about 1/2 inch of the screw exposed.

Step 5

Position the small circular access on the rear of the clock over the exposed portion of the screw head and gently lower the clock into its final position.