How to Make Plastic Drawers Not Squeak

Plastic drawers can be found anywhere from the kitchen to the closet. Sometimes plastic drawers, possibly because of age, can squeak due to the friction of the parts rubbing together during opening and closing. Whether plastic-on-plastic or plastic-on-metal, the fact that plastic is involved prohibits you from using any type of petroleum-based lubricants, such as oil, to prevent squeaking because the oil may act as a solvent and damage the drawer. Fortunately, plastic drawers can be made to stop squeaking using a common votive candle.

The fix for squeaky plastic drawers is surprisingly easy.

Step 1

Note the portions of the plastic drawer box that are contacting the parts (rails, slides, wheels, etc.) of the unit in which the drawer is installed by sliding the drawer in and out. These contact points are most likely the cause of the squeaking.

Step 2

Empty and, if possible, remove the plastic drawer box completely from the unit.

Step 3

Rub the white scentless votive candle vigorously along the parts of the drawer identified as causing friction. The paraffin wax from the candle acts as a lubricant, discouraging squeaking.

Step 4

Replace the plastic drawer into the unit and test it for any squeaking sounds, repeating the process if the squeaking persists.