How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Icemaker

Frigidaire refrigerator/freezers can come with a water and ice dispenser which needs to be connected to a water line. When the ice maker is not properly working, you will need to troubleshoot to correct the problem. The main problems are the unit not making any ice and not dispensing ice out of the dispenser.

A Frigidaire refrigerator can have a built-in ice dispenser.

Not Making Ice

Step 1

Open the refrigerator to check wire signal arm. The unit will not make ice if the wire signal arm is in the "up" position. This shuts off the ice maker. Push the wire arm down.

Step 2

Check the power switch for the ice maker. Turn the switch that is mounted at the rear of the ice maker to the "I" position to turn it on.

Step 3

Close the door and see if you can get water out of the water dispenser. If no water comes out of the dispenser, the water valve to the refrigerator may be turned off.

Step 4

Check to see if the water valve for the freezer has been closed. Open the valve to supply water to the refrigerator.

Not Dispensing Ice

Step 5

Open the door to the freezer section and see if there is any ice in the storage container. Make sure the ice maker is turned on.

Step 6

Adjust the temperature of the freezer to a colder setting. The ice maker will not work if the temperature is set too high.

Step 7

Close the door to the freezer section. The ice maker will not work if the door is not completely closed.