How to Fix a Eureka Pet Lover Vacuum

If you have pets in your home, chances are you also have problems with pet hair, dander, pet stains and other issues. Purchasing a special vacuum cleaner to deal with these unique problems can save wear and tear on your main vacuum and make cleanup easier. The Eureka Pet Lover vacuum is one option for pet owners, but it is important for owners to know what to do when there is a problem.

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Removing a Clog

Step 1

Locate the clean-out door between the wheels of the vacuum.

Step 2

Squeeze the latch at the end of the nozzle and rotate the door forward to remove the door.

Step 3

Remove the clog from the inside of the power nozzle. Depending on the location of the clog, you may need to remove the power nozzle from the body of the vacuum.

Step 4

Place the power nozzle back on the body of the vacuum and replace the clean-out door. Try the vacuum again to make sure you have sufficient suction power.

Cleaning the Dust Cap Filter

Step 5

Check the condition of the dust cup and the dust cup filter. The dust cup and the filter can both become clogged over time, and that will reduce the effectiveness and the suction power of the Eureka Pet Lover vacuum cleaner.

Step 6

Remove the dust cup and dump any accumulated dirt. Even if the dust cap is only partially full, it can reduce the suction power of the pet vacuum. After the dust cap has been emptied, remove the filter assembly.

Step 7

Use a brush to clean the filter, then shake out any remaining dust and dirt. Place the filter back in the vacuum, then replace the dust cup. Use the vacuum to make sure the suction power has been restored.

Resetting the Brush Roll

Step 8

Open the turbo nozzle by removing the two screws at the sides and lifting up the bottom housing.

Step 9

Look for any blockages around the brush roll and carefully remove them.

Step 10

Close the unit by aligning the top and bottom portions. After the two pieces have been aligned, replace the screws and tighten them.