9 Insanely Easy Hacks Every Gardener Should Know

Whether you're a seasoned gardening pro with an enviably groomed landscape or a self-proclaimed plant killer with a dismal track record, there are a few easy ways you can up your gardening game. We know you're already savvy enough to seek out ingenious products that save you time, money and energy in the garden, like Roundup's new Sure Shot Wand® which gets rid of pesky intruders without compromising your precious plants (and doesn't require you bending over!). Here, we share a few nifty gardening hacks you probably don't know.

Overhead shot of potted plants and gardening tools.
credit: Anchiy/iStock/Getty Images

1. Use a Wine Bottle to Water Your Plants the Easy Way

Yes, your plants can practically water themselves!

Self-watering tip
credit: Hunker

2. Make a Soil Scoop From a Milk Jug

Inexpensive, eco-conscious and effective.

Milk jug soil scoop
credit: Hunker

3. Use a Shoe Organizer to Store Seeds

With this handy organization system, you can easily keep track of your seeds and when you want to plant them. It's like having a personal assistant for your green thumb.

Shoe organizer seed storage
credit: Hunker

4. Water Seedlings With a Pump Sprayer

Give them just the right amount of water.

Water seedlings with a pump sprayer
credit: Hunker

5. Clean Tools With Sand and Vegetable Oil

Fill a five gallon bucket with sand and mix in two quarts of vegetable oil. Insert the tool you want to clean into the bucket, and repeat until it's shiny as new!

Clean tools
credit: Hunker

6. Use an Old Hose as a Pruning Saw Sheath

Keep sharp edges covered with this inexpensive solution.

Hose as pruning saw sheath
credit: Hunker

7. Sharpen Tools With a Metal File

Making garden tools as good as new couldn't be easier.

Sharpen tools with a metal file
credit: Hunker

8. Stop Soil Loss With Coffee Filters

Prevent soil from escaping through that pesky drainage hole with a coffee filter.

Stop soil lose with coffee filters.
credit: Hunker

9. Use Plastic Bottles to Save Soil

Rocks are heavy. Empty plastic bottles will just as effectively save soil and provide drainage for your plants. AND you'll be able to easily transport your potted plants.

Use plastic bottles to save soil
credit: Hunker

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