The #1 Eco-Forward City in America Will Surprise You

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As homebuyers are made more aware of environmentally friendly design and practices, location becomes increasingly important when searching for where to buy their dream homes. To help with this, homebuying site Opendoor has published a new report in collaboration with sustainability expert Jhánneu Roberts, highlighting the top 10 eco-forward cities in the United States. This ranking is based on various criteria like bicycle parking, charging stations, public transportation, and green spaces.


"From promoting clean energy sources, reducing waste, and preserving natural resources, these cities are prioritizing eco-friendly initiatives," said Roberts in the report. "They have strong public transportation systems and support environmentally responsible behavior among residents."

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So what city comes in at number one? Somerville, Massachusetts. The town received high marks for everything from its recycling efforts, secondhand stores, and bike-able streets.


In fact, not only has Somerville taken the top spot on the list of the most eco-friendly cities, but the entire state was also voted by the League of American Bicyclists as number one on its 2022 Bicycle Friendly State ranking. So if a bike is your most trusted source of transportation, you may be looking towards the Northeast for a new home.

The rest of the eco-forward city list is as follows.

The 15 Most Eco-Forward Cities in America

1. Somerville, MA

9. Salt Lake City, UT

2. Emeryville, CA

10. Santa Monica, CA

3. Jersey City, NJ

11. Temple Terrace, FL

4. Boulder, CO

12. Fort Collins, CO

5. Arlington, VA

13. Dearborn, MI

6. Portland, OR

14. Phoenix, AZ

7. West Hempstead, NY

15. San Diego, CA

8. Carrboro, NC

If the environment is top of mind for you, perhaps one of the above cities contains your future home?



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