This Costco Shoe Bench Is Currently on Sale for Less Than $40

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January is a great time to give certain spots in your home a little refresh, and your entryway may be perfect for this, especially since it can accumulate clutter over time. Namely, shoes. If you don't already have a spot for shoes by your front door, or if you're looking for something new to keep them organized in your closet, there's a deal happening at Costco that you should definitely be on the lookout for.


According to Instagram creator @costcobuys, there is a Costco shoe bench that's currently on sale for just $39.99. It contains two shelves and a space on the side for taller shoes like boots. Since this isn't just a shoe rack, but a shoe ‌bench‌, it has the capacity to support 300 pounds. This piece is sturdy and strong, perfect for sitting on — and many users who took advantage of the deal shared their thoughts in the comment section.

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"These are great bang for your buck! Def[initely] recommend," one user wrote. Another person shared, "Bought it, love it! And I have my heavy jade tree on it."

A few noticed that this shoe bench is $10 more online than it is in store, and users shared that the extra cost is for shipping, though it is also on sale online as well.


Usually priced at $49.99 in store, you'll be saving $10 at checkout. Costco is always full of great deals on bulk grocery finds, but don't sleep on the housewares section. Your home will thank you for it.



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