3 Expert Tips for Curating the Perfect Friendsgiving, According to A1000xBetter

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Friendsgiving is a time of joy, celebration, and gratitude for your community of friends who feel like family. However, if you're hosting this type of gathering, the word "stress" might also come to mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of expert tips out there from those who have been there and done it before, so that you can actually be present and enjoy your gathering of loved ones.


In the process of arranging Hunker's very own Friendsgiving, Kirsten Blazek, the principal designer and founder of A1000xBetter, has gathered several tips and tricks for all of the other hosts out there.

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1. Invoke the Senses

When decorating for your Friendsgiving, keep the five senses in mind. Blazek specifically recommends creating a music playlist, lighting scented candles amidst festive table decor, working in interesting textiles, and preparing specially created cocktails along with a fall-inspired menu.

2. Focus on Your Tablescape

In terms of decor, you'll want to devote a majority of your energy to the tablescape. For Hunker's Friendsgiving, which had a "fabled and floral" theme, Blazek created the perfect environment for a night of gratitude with fresh and seasonal floral arrangements, candles that gave off a delicious aroma, layered table settings featuring vintage glassware, name cards, and her specialty blackberry cocktail."There was an emphasis on nature and the importance of being grateful for the beauty of nature all around us," Blazek says.


3. Make Your Guests Feel Special

"A small gift can make guests feel special, loved, and create an unforgettable evening," says Blazek. Of course, this doesn't have to be anything sizable or expensive. At Hunker's Friendsgiving event, each guest received a candle and a packet of seeds (to tie in with the nature theme). This gift also acts as a memento for your guests to remember the night by, so whenever they look at these items, they can reminisce on a night filled with gratitude and friendship.



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