These New 'Harry Potter' Candles Are Riddikulus-ly Easy Holiday Gifts

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We're approaching the holiday season, a time of year that can be both delightful and stressful. When it comes to the latter, we're specifically thinking about the long, trying process that is finding the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. Fortunately, there are products out there that are designed to make the experience easier, and the latest on our list is Homesick's new line of Harry Potter ‌candles.


Inspired by the beloved Wizarding World, the collection includes four candles for each of Hogwarts' houses, along with a scent inspired by the entire school and a Sorting Hat air freshener. Plus, as the candles melt, fun Easter eggs will be revealed on the product labels.

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Below, you can learn more about each fragrance and shop the entire magical line. For an extra $15, you can also have a personalized message printed on any single-wick candle's jar.


1. Gryffindor, $44

Expect notes of smoked cedar, like the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, along with the seasonal scent of cinnamon.


2. Slytherin, $44

What could smell more Slytherin than the combination of dark plum and the warm, woody scent of oud?


3. Ravenclaw, $44

Of course, the Ravenclaw candle smells like old parchment and sage — a fragrance perfect for study sessions.



4. Hufflepuff, $44

Positioned in the same corridor at the Hogwarts kitchens, the Hufflepuff common room smells like chamomile and burnt sugar, along with the space's dandelions and fern leaves.


5. Hogwarts Triwick, $75

If you've always wondered what Hogwarts would smell like, look no further than this aroma of wet stone and lush greenery.


6. Sorting Hat Air Freshener, $12

Juniper, sage, lavender, orange, leather, and cedar are just a few of the notes that make up the magical Sorting Hat.



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