This New Candle Will Make Your Home Smell Like Fresh Latkes

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During the holiday season, the best smells truly come from the kitchen. From homemade baked goods to the aroma of pumpkin spice, nothing is more comforting than seasonal food and drink scents. Fragrance brand D.S. & Durga knows exactly what we're talking about, considering that its new candle release, Lightable Latkes, aimed to capture the scent of Hanukkah cooking.


"This candle smells like a real-deal Holyfield potato in all its earthen glory," reads the product description. "As the candle burns, it starts to smell cooked — in an agreeable way. Like the fanciest latke frying in a background of verdant olive and peanut oil (a special recipe!)."

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Within the seven-ounce candle priced at $65, these are the notes you can expect to catch a whiff of:

  • Top notes: potato and etrog (a citrus fruit used during the Jewish holiday Sukkot)
  • Heart notes: black pepper and olive
  • Base notes: peanut oil and assorted tubers (bulbous underground stem parts that can be found on potato plants)

This candle is also a perfect accompaniment to the brand's Prime Chanukah candle, which isn't available on its site, but can be bought through retailers like Todd Snyder. Portable Xmas Tree and Portable Fireplace are two other scents that would be ideal for the upcoming holiday season.

Now, who's ready for some latkes (or, at the very least, a candle that smells like them)?



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