These $16 Attachable Drawers Will Instantly Organize Your Cabinets

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Who doesn't love a handy home hack? Anything that makes life just a little bit easier immediately piques our interest, and TikTok user @ariellebrimhall has just added another helpful tip to the list. As an expert on all houseware gadgets available on Amazon, Arielle shows us how to use Under-Shelf Pullout Drawers from Joseph Joseph to tidily store snacks and other small objects in your kitchen.


Maximizing cabinet space is the name of the game in the pursuit of efficient kitchen functionality, and these easy-to-install pullout drawers will be your new secret weapon. Most shelves inside of cabinets have unused space below that normally goes to waste. These small drawers are the perfect size to take advantage of that area and create additional storage.

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"They're super easy to use and install," shares Arielle in their TikTok voiceover. "You just peel off the adhesive strip in the back, put them over the shelf, and press for 30 seconds." No nails, no drills, no mess!


This simple product is a quick and easy game changer. The Joseph Joseph Under-Shelf Pullout Drawers are $15.99 a piece, and have a stellar average rating of 4.4 out of 5 with nearly 5,000 Amazon reviews.

The product reviews are filled with happy Amazon shoppers sharing how they've used these drawers to meet their unique needs, from storing spices above stoves, organizing small toiletries in a bathroom, and maximizing space in an RV. A reviewer even wrote, "It holds a lot more than I was expecting and comes all the way out without being flimsy at all."

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