This Contractor Built an Indoor Slide in the Most Unexpected Place

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Who says you can't have the playground of your dreams right in your own home? That's right, ​in​ your own home — no backyard necessary. You may have already seen a slide incorporated within an interior space — perhaps attached to a bunk bed or in an apartment living room — but contractor @spoiledrottenhomes built their own slide in an unconventional place. Beware: This installation is about to take you down a slippery slope.


Video of the Day

The creator first posted a video showing that the sea-foam green base of their kitchen island actually opens, but the cabinet is not for the storage of pots and pans. The opening of the door reveals a slide, kind of like one you would see on a children's playground. The maker then disappears down the slide and is later seen coming up a staircase from the basement.

Instagram users were quick to wonder what's down at the end of the slide, but before the big reveal, @spoiledrottenhomes decided to share how the slide came about in the first place. According to the photos they share in an Instagram reel, it looks as if the slide was installed before the kitchen island, and then the island was built around it. The contractor connected pieces of the plastic chute through an opening in the floor to the basement. The counter came last, covering the mouth of the slide so it would remain hidden.


As for the long-anticipated video of what's in the basement at the bottom of the slide, it just seems to be an empty room — for the time being. But that doesn't mean Instagram users weren't quick to swoop in with their own suggestions.

"Make a ball pit," suggests @danielle_305_.


"Get a hold of some of that LED tape strip lighting," says @grubbj47. "Run a full strip all the way up the ceiling of the slide. Put the driver for it on a push button switch that clicks on when you open the door and have the LEDs set to the flashing party mode."

"Also useful when your house is a mess and you have guests showing up in 5 minutes," suggests @arickadrewery. "Everything down the chute!"


It would also make a great laundry gutter to push down all those dirty clothes. Regardless, we're already brainstorming how to get a slide in our own homes — and maybe even a swing.


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