The 11 Best-Color Rugs for Green Couches

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While beige, brown, and gray couches are the usual suspects for most living rooms, a green sofa can really punch up your living space. The problem for most people, though, is how to design a room around such a bold couch color. A rich green velvet sectional is the stuff that midcentury design dreams are made of, but the other interior design details can either make or break the look.


Area rugs, for example, are a large decor item that can elevate your space or make it fall flat. Choose the right area rug for the room and everything will easily fall into place. Choose the wrong rug for your color scheme and the space will never feel right no matter what you do. If you're not sure where to begin, here are some of the best rug colors to pair with a green couch.

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The 11 Best Rug Colors to Pair With Green Couches

1. Ivory

Ivory rugs are a fab pairing for green couches. They're not as bright and anxiety-inducing as a pure white rug can be, and while a green couch can feel heavy, an ivory rug will make the space feel more open.

Our pick‌: Krusa Handmade Area Rug in Ivory, starting at $84.99

2. Black and White

Black and white are a time-honored classic and for good reason. They work together, and they work with everything else, green couches included.


Our pick‌: Ojia Black and White Living Room Rug (5' x 7'), $69.99

3. Geometric

Rugs with geometric patterns are simple and clean. They're happy to hang out in the background and often make a great base layer for a punchy green couch or something equally dazzling.



Our pick‌: Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Geometric Area Rug (6' x 9'), $99.28

4. White

If you want your green couch to be the center of attention, opt for a white rug. These glam accessories are an elegant way to tie the room together without stealing the show.


Our pick‌: Z Gallerie Indochine Rug, starting at $149

5. Bright Pink

To make your room feel a little punchier and to add a little drama, think pink. A green couch paired with a pink rug has it in spades.


Our pick:Berber Handicraft Custom Pink Boujaad Rug, starting at $593.64

6. Gray

Gray is a gorgeous modern neutral and looks pretty sleek with a green couch. For a totally modern space, try a coffee table in unexpected mediums, like metal or marble.



Our pick‌: Latitude Run Dakarii Area Rug in Gray (5'5" x 7'7"), $157.99

7. Black

Black doesn't require much of an explanation; it just goes with everything, and green couches are no exception. If your couch is deep emerald green, pair it with a black rug for a retro art deco feel.


Our pick‌: Ebern Designs Santoshi Area Rug in Jet Black (6' x 9'), $258

8. Jute

Jute is another modern neutral that goes with everything. The natural look of a jute rug coupled with an olive green couch is kind of inspired.


Our pick‌: Pottery Barn Heather Chenille/Jute Rug, starting at $149

9. Beige

Like ivory and white, beige rugs create a light, clean, and neutral background for green sofas. Beige rugs may feel a bit safer for high-traffic areas, but rest assured, nothing gets lost in translation in the overall look.



Our pick‌: Pottery Barn Reef Easy Care Synthetic Rug, starting at $29

10. Blue

Considering that blue and green sit side by side on the color wheel, you might think it's crazy to pair them in an enclosed space, but hear us out. If you choose correctly, an abstract rug with blue hues can brighten up the space, and the designs are often subtle enough that they don't overpower the room. Ultimately, you'll have a dynamite pairing that takes your interior design to the next level.

Our pick‌: Nourison Grafix Center Medallion Area Rug (7' x 10'), $190.11

11. Green

Green on green may sound like overkill, but the result can be pretty brilliant when done correctly. Try a green rug with cream accents or an abstract design.

Our pick‌: Unique Loom Bromley Collection Area Rug (5' x 8'), $212.31