Your Ultimate Guide to Peel-and-Stick Flooring

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Peel-and-stick flooring is the ultimate renter-friendly, budget-friendly, low commitment decor hack. Just like its siblings — peel-and-stick tile backsplash and peel-and-stick wallpaper — it's easily removable with little effort and zero residue. Plus, if you're constantly switching up your place or aren't fully ready to commit to either a bold pattern or bright color, adhesive flooring gives you the freedom to test it out with low stakes. Before getting into a few of our top picks, let's break down what exactly peel-and-stick flooring is, its pros and cons, and if it's really worth a go.


What is peel-and-stick flooring?

Peel-and-stick flooring — also known as adhesive flooring, removable flooring, a floor decal, or floor sticker — is an easy-to-install sheet of faux wood or tile made of vinyl. The adhesive is durable but not permanent. You simply peel off the backing and stick it to your desired surface; some can even be removed and repositioned over and over. There are endless style options on the market — from high gloss to matte, textured to flat, scratch-proof or not, and so on. Also, some floor decals double as wall decals and vice versa, but be certain to double-check before purchasing.

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Does peel-and-stick flooring last?

Good quality, moisture-resistant, scratch-proof peel-and-stick flooring should certainly last. With this in mind, it will never be quite as durable as real tile or wood flooring. Some brands have warranties and others have extra-strength adhesive, so be sure to read the full product description when narrowing down your picks.


What are the downsides of peel-and-stick flooring?

There's really no other way to say it: Adhesive flooring can sometimes look cheap. That's why picking a high-rated option is key. In terms of installation, most floor decals need to be stuck to a smooth surface, which slightly limits placement.


Is peel-and-stick flooring worth it?

It's totally worth it. This flooring is reasonably priced and impermanent, meaning it's the perfect way to experiment with your individual style. It's also very DIY-friendly, so there's sure to be no extra installation fee. Be certain to opt for a water-resistant material, especially if you're installing in a high-moisture room like a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.


To be sure you pick a top-quality product, check out our favorite peel-and-stick flooring, below.

Our Top Picks

1. CO-Z Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks (24 sq. ft.), $46.99


It's difficult to find vinyl flooring — specifically peel-and-stick flooring — that actually looks like wood, and CO-Z does a pretty darn good job. Offered in four shades — beige, cherry, light oak, and walnut brown — these floor planks couldn't be easier to install. After you peel off the backing to reveal the odorless, heavy-duty glue, you can keep installing and uninstalling the planks for up to three minutes to ensure perfect alignment.



2. Quadrostyle Vinyl Floor Tile Sticker Panel, starting at $17.27

This classic look just became a whole lot easier to achieve. Also available in white and peacock green versions (that we're equally as obsessed with), these removable and repositionable tiles are thin yet durable. This means they can easily be trimmed to size. And they feature a scratch-resistant lamination layer and UV film that protects against sun-caused color change.


3. Chasing Paper x Max Humphrey Marble Flooring, starting at $50

Newly launched and designed in collaboration with interior designer Max Humphrey, Chasing Paper's black and white marble flooring is a nod to Americana styling. This matte vinyl checkering will add a timeless yet funky pop to your favorite space.


4. Achim Importing Co Tivoli Self Adhesive, $0.89/sq. ft.

This top-rated, very on-trend adhesive flooring also happens to be ridiculously affordable. Coming in at under $1 per square foot, this textured terrazzo vinyl is waterproof, but not scratch-resistant.



5. SnazzyDecal Waterproof Peel and Stick Tile, starting at $14.95

Handmade and ultra-durable, it's hard to believe this gorgeous flooring is actually a vinyl sticker. You can select between a matte and glossy finish, but either way, you'll be getting a waterproof, scratch-resistant product. Although the flooring is completely textureless, the faux tiles and grout appear three-dimensional.

6. Chasing Paper x Max Humphrey Hexagon Flooring, starting at $50

Add a little pop of color while still keeping it classic. Not quite feeling the teal? No problem — it also comes in a black and white version. You really can't go wrong either way.

7. Achim Tivoli II Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Planks (15 sq. ft.), $29.31

Achieve that modern farmhouse look on a budget with this off-white, wood-inspired vinyl. It not only looks like real wood but also feels like wood grain and can be scored in dark walnut or silver spruce as well. Each box contains 10 planks and comes with an impressive five-year warranty.


8. HomeArtStickers Old Style Pattern Tile Stickers, starting at $9.40

Zoom in on this design to see how absolutely iconic it is. The pattern and color scheme are bold without being too loud. If you're looking to add a little flair to your space, this is the move. The individual faux tiles are sold in packs of 10, allowing you to buy pretty much the exact quantity you need.

9. FloorPops Biscotto Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring, $2/sq. ft.

This black and white geometric pattern will always be cool. Add some beauty to your bathroom or kitchen with these textured mini tiles that come in packs of 20 sheets with 20 tiles on each.

10. CUH Simple Peel and Stick Wooden Planks (118.11" x 7.87"), $17.65

Here we have another really impressive faux wood floor. These planks come in 12 shades — everything from nearly white to deep black. Unlike the other flooring, these planks are sold in 3-meter long rolls that can be precisely cut to size.


11. Quadrostyle Hydra Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack, starting at $8.93

Do you love this pattern just as much as we do? These stunners come in two different size options and boast a hand-painted appearance and silky feel. Not only will the colors warm up your space, but the vinyl material will actually take the chill off cold tile floors. This makes it a great rug replacement.

12. CHICHOME Waterproof White Marble Peel and Stick Floor Tiles (15.5 sq. ft.), $38.86

This faux white marble is actually thicker than regular tile, meaning it's an ultra-durable pick. The material is glossy, easy to cut, and effortless to clean. Just wipe the surface with a towel — zero scrubbing required.

13. HomeArtStickers Midcentury Tile Stickers, starting at $9.40

The greatest thing about peel-and-stick flooring is your ability to go bold without any long-term commitment. This colorful, midcentury modern tiling is the perfect example of this. Easily remove if you're not feeling it or keep it on long-term if you fall in love.

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