The Loops on Shopping Carts Actually Have a Purpose

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If the internet – and TikTok, specifically — has taught us anything, it's that there will always be more for us to learn. For instance, we recently discovered why exactly honey dippers exist (it's not just for aesthetics!), that ice cream shops use a special scoop with a secret feature, and that we've been using our lighter all wrong. To add to that list, we just learned that the loops on a shopping cart actually have a purpose.


On TikTok, in user @knowledgesaurus' video about "things you didn't know had a purpose," we learned that grocery cart loops are in fact for hanging shopping bags that contain more fragile items. So instead of placing your bag with breakable eggs or soft bread in your cart, you can hang it off the side of the cart to keep the eggs and bread safe.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

In addition to being on the side of the cart, you might also find these shopping cart loops on the seat that folds up. This is especially helpful if you end up with a lot of groceries and not a lot of room in your cart. Plus, when you go to load your groceries into the car, you'll always remember where the fragile items are and can set them in a safer area.

Honestly, if we knew this fact sooner, our grocery shopping trips would have been much different.

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