6 TikTok Fridge Organization Videos for People Who Hate Clutter

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We all have those little things that relax us and for some of us, that means TikTok videos. There's one particular category of visual ASMR on the social media app that's right up your alley if you hate mess: fridge organization videos.


Video of the Day

We rounded up a few picks that will bring a sense of satisfaction to anyone who loves seeing things carefully sorted into their place. Many of these highly-organized fridges are serious goals. Maybe in another lifetime when we get the patience, we can tackle our fridge with this much finesse.

Check out a few of our faves below.

First off, everyone seems to love a good egg organizer. TikTok user @keep_it_organized shows us how to use one beautifully — along with plenty of other containers that house snacks, condiments, cheese, and more. Judging by the three million likes the video has received, this fridge organizing video is a hit.

This mesmerizing video is more focused on showing you an ​already​ organized fridge, but TikTok user @slyinspireme goes through the containers to show us what goodies are inside. We'd never seen those herb holders before!

TikTok user @juliestory only spent $23 to get this fridge in tip-top shape. The video is a great reminder that you can always check your local dollar store for some great organizational gems.


If you ​really​ want to get fancy with it, follow TikTok user @kandicebreinholt's process and draw yourself a guide before you get started. This is basically proof that organizing a fridge is perfect for anyone who's really good at Tetris.

People are all for a good restocking video, too, like this one from TikTok user @krystleklear1 featuring a drink drawer. It's got three million likes so far, so there's definitely an audience for these.

We're taking notes from TikTok user @itsfefii7, namely to take some of that lemonade and use it to fill up popsicle molds for later.