9 Clever Money-Saving Wedding Hacks on TikTok

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Weddings are exciting, but expensive. Fortunately, if you want to throw a budget wedding that won't break the bank, there are plenty of tips out there from people who succeeded at throwing affordable weddings. On TikTok, specifically, these are the best money-saving wedding hacks you might not have thought of.


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1. Follow wedding resale Facebook groups.

According to @delrayy, following wedding resale groups on Facebook is a must. There, you'll find people reselling wedding supplies and decor for way less than you'd buy at the store.


2. Apply for a cash-back credit card.

Before you purchase anything for your wedding, @nicolemorolla recommends that you apply for a cash-back credit card. That way, you're getting money back as you spend.


3. Or, get a travel card.

User @shanandmax suggests putting all of your wedding expenses on a travel rewards card. This allows you to accrue points and rewards, and get money back that you can put toward your honeymoon.


4. Condense items.

Rather than buying separate items for your seating chart, welcome or toasting drink, and wedding favors, @vidachicevents recommends combining them together in a single item. Since you're not buying multiple items for each aspect of your wedding, this will definitely save you money.


5. DIY your flowers.

By buying flowers in bulk and DIY-ing your floral wedding decor, you can save a ton of money. User @shanandmax specifically recommends buying flowers in bulk from Sam's Club and you can even consider grocery store flowers an option if you're not planning anything too extravagant.


6. Use fake flowers wherever you can.

Using fake flowers instead of real ones can also save you money. According to user @samirosetansel, she specifically choose to use fake flowers on her wedding arch to save some extra cash.


7. Reconsider "traditional" items that may be unnecessary.

On TikTok, user @fiancefinancial goes through a list of wedding items that can end up being a huge waste of money: wedding favors no one wants, programs that state the obvious, groomsmen proposal gifts no one actually wants or needs, and guestbooks (you planned the wedding, so you already know who's there).


8. Only hire a photographer for the important parts.

User @hortonlane was able to keep their wedding under $10k by not hiring a photographer for the entire event. Instead, she made sure that they would be there for all the important parts and relied on her friends' phone images for the rest of the night.

9. Bring your own alcohol.

By choosing a vendor that allows you to bring your own alcohol, you can save big. According to user @samirosetansel, they only spent about $600 on alcohol by buying it all at Aldi.