The Home Trends You'll See All Over Instagram This Summer

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Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, deep down, we all want to be a cool girl on Instagram. And while basically none of us can shapeshift into Kaia Gerber, we can be ahead of the social media trends and buy "it" items before they're popular. To help get us all started on our journeys to breezy, effortless profiles, we're predicting the summer trends that will dominate Instagram in 2021. Let's hope we can get to them before the masses.


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1. Boy Smells Park Life, $39

This Boy Smells x GANNI candle collaboration uses ginger, basil, fig, sage, clove, tonka bean, and sandalwood to evoke an afternoon walk in a lush, scenic park. It's made with fully recyclable and responsibly sourced ingredients and comes in a reflective mint glass tumbler.

2. Business and Pleasure Vintage-Inspired Striped Beach Chair, $249

Nothing is keeping us from the beach this summer. This retro chair will let us sunbathe in style. In addition to being extremely fashionable, it's built from weather-treated hardwood and trusty umbrella canvas, so it'll easily resist water, mold, and UV rays.

3. BYREDO Open Sky Eau de Parfum, $270

Beloved European luxury brand BYREDO just launched its limited-edition scent Open Sky, which is meant to embody the experience of travel. With enchanting notes of pomelo, black pepper, hemp leaves, and palo santo, it's bound to be a hit.

4. Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat​ by Molly Baz, $19.50


In-the-know home cooks already own a copy of Molly Baz's debut release and it's only going to continue gaining traction. On top of its chic primary color scheme and crisp images, its deliciously approachable recipes are accompanied by QR codes that lead to video content.

5. Anthropologie Dried Eucalyptus Bouquet, $28

We know dried florals are in, but leafy dried eucalyptus is the next big bouquet trend. It's verdant yet delicate — and still emits some of its signature soothing aromas. You really can't beat that.

6. Fishwife Wild-Caught Smoked Albacore, 3-Pack, $19.99

Tinned fish, a classic delicacy in Spain and Portugal, has been on the up-and-up in the U.S. for the past couple of years. Young company Fishwife is propelling its hype to new heights with local, wild-caught tuna, adorable BPA-free packaging, and minimal ingredients.

7. FUNBOY Giant Cabana Dayclub, $399

Remember when everyone had an inflatable swan? This year's hottest pool toy is a serious upgrade — it's a full-on floating cabana with four seats, dual mesh foot baths, and a central storage compartment for drinks or a speaker. Party on.


8. Ghia Le Spritz, from $18

Complex non-alcoholic drinks are all the rage, and these bubbly-yet-bitter aperitivo cans are about to take over the summer beverage scene. The refreshing combination of rosemary, yuzu, and soda is unparalleled as a spirit-free picnic companion.

9. KJP Celeste Hand Towel, $30

Stockholm-based artist Katherine Jean Plumb founded KJP to provide her prints and textiles to the plaid-hungry millennials who snatch them up at every drop. Luckily, her floral hand towels seem to remain in stock and make for a trendy bathroom upgrade.

10. Katie's Urban Art Flower Market Prints, $18.99

Anyone else spotting these prints in the background of every home decor Instagram? Although you can buy them at multiple shops and retailers, we found a budget-friendly option on Etsy. We love the fun colorful prints and nods to a few of our favorite design cities.

11. Susan Alexandra Watermelon Dream Bag, $250


If a perfect summer accessory ever existed, this beaded watermelon bag is it. The "Carrie Bradshaw meets Carmen Miranda" purse is bright, whimsical, and fruity — all that we can hope for in a hot weather essential.

12. Wilkes Modular Sofa, from $2,895

Herman Miller recently relaunched Ray Wilkes' iconic 1976 Chiclet seating line, meaning it'll likely soon populate the homes of style mavens all over the world. The playful, postmodern sofas and chairs are already on our wishlist.

13. Alpha Accessories Ceramic Shell Vase, $39.91

Shell-inspired decor has been on the rise for the past few months — especially in bright and pastel hues — but we're especially partial to the vase variety. It's fun and playful but won't take away from the rest of your home's aesthetic. Plus, if (most likely when) the trend starts to decline, you won't feel as bad tucking it away in your cabinet for a future dinner party.


Morgan Goldberg is a writer based in Los Angeles. She likes pasta, hiking, and crossword puzzles.