Camille Nichelini and Yuka Iwasaki of Resident Objects on Maximalism and Home Decor Trends

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We've been absolutely loving all things nostalgic, art deco, and vintage lately. Finding the right home decor items that perfectly match these specific aesthetics, however, isn't always easy. But that's where Camille Nichelini and Yuka Iwasaki come in. The two Los Angeles, CA-based creatives (who also just happen to be neighbors, cat moms, and superbly dressed fashionistas) curate and sell pre-loved pieces that are usually one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to transform your home into a candy-colored wonderland. Their passion for thrifting became one of the best things to happen to the Instagram crowd during the early days of the 2020 pandemic when Resident Objects — their beautifully curated vintage resell account — completely took off.


A fun undertaking between friends turned into a sustainable small business that not only supports both Nichelini and Iwasaki full time but also encourages consumers to shop small, shop used, and shop smart. What sets Resident Objects apart from so many other vintage accounts, though, isn't just the cool finds. The brand's home styling shows their 180K+ followers exactly how to make quirky items work. They take the guesswork out of incorporating decor with personality. And whether you're a renter with a small apartment or a homeowner with ample amounts of square footage, if you purchase any of RO's finds you'll be one step closer to creating a cozy abode that just feels ​right​.

We were able to talk to the Resident Objects power duo about all things maximalism, their unique (but completely approachable) style, and their brand philosophy: Neither woman will sell a single item that they don't personally love.

Pro tip: If you're interested in shopping any of Resident Objects' unique finds, don't wait to purchase. Inventory sells out almost as soon as it goes live, so if you snooze you'll most likely regret it forever. And we're speaking from experience!

Hunker​: How and when did you go from being neighbors with a shared love of fashion and thrifting to being entrepreneurs and major players in the vintage home decor world? Did you always know Resident Objects would take off?

Resident Objects​: We had absolutely no idea Resident Objects would take off in the way that it did! We started RO as a fun hobby pre-pandemic because we always enjoyed going to estate sales/flea markets together and constantly found pieces we loved but didn't necessarily need for our own homes. Somehow, it very luckily ended up turning into both of our full-time jobs, and we are forever thankful for the support we have received!


Hunker​: Can you describe the Resident Objects aesthetic? How do you find a balance between what's trendy and what you personally love?

RO:​ Resident Objects is a mix of so many different styles! We mostly started out doing '80s [revival style] art deco but have enjoyed branching out into post modernism, '90s nostalgia, and cottagecore — as well as experimenting with fun prints and patterns currently on trend such as cow and checkers. We try to never overdo it with a specific style so that it doesn't become oversaturated [or] too much of a fad. We pick out pieces we hope people enjoy for many, many years to come! One of our philosophies for the brand is that if we don't like it, we won't sell it. Everything is hand-picked with love and admiration, so just know when you are purchasing an item it has both our seals of approval!

Hunker​: Do you feel that your respective heritage, culture, or even your current neighborhoods have influenced your style? If so, how?

RO:​ Los Angeles is continuously influential for us! There is such a diverse mix of people here, making it fun to switch up our inventory regularly since there is always something for someone new to enjoy! A large percent of our audience happens to also be Los Angeles based, so we constantly get questions from different customers if we can source specific things for them. We are also very inspired by the New York and Miami interior design scenes, so we try to encapsulate them with added California flair!


Hunker​: Do you have any advice for those who love (or are just getting into) maximalism? Are there ways to incorporate certain vibrant pieces without committing all the way?

RO:​ Maximalism is all about surrounding yourself with pieces you love! Don't feel pressured to buy something "loud" just for the sake of it. Sometimes piecing together random objects you love and adore just happens to work out stylistically! If you're in search of a starting point to maximalism, we are big fans of colorful/weird-shaped candles. They are subtle, but make a fun and impactful statement!

Hunker​: Any new exciting Resident Objects updates we can all look forward to? Maybe fun collabs? Any forthcoming specially curated product drops?

RO:​ We've been working on perfecting our website for some time now — we are hoping to finally launch in two to three months depending on a few different factors still in the process! We also have a fun giveaway with two brands we love coming up, so that's definitely something we are looking forward to!

Hunker​: Have you been able to connect with any other women CEOs who are absolutely nailing it in their fields right now? If so, would you mind sharing a few who are inspiring or just plain cool?

Resident Objects:​ We've loved connecting with RoomShop, JulyChildJewellery, and Gates_Haus on Instagram! It's awesome being able to seek advice and share stories with other women in similar fields. We always love meeting new business owners as well, so never feel intimidated to pop into our inbox and say hello!


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