11 Hallway Wall Hooks That Will Triple Your Storage

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Everyone has the dreaded drop-off zone when they enter their home. Maybe it's a bowl or tray in your living room that started as a key holder and turned into a junk drawer on display. Maybe it's a decorative chair that has turned into a pile of questionably clean clothes or a hall tree that is at risk of collapsing from pure coat weight.


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Instead of accumulating clutter, we have the perfect storage solution for you: Hallway wall hooks. Having an organization system right when you enter your home makes for a tidier space and can immediately multiply your storage needs. From wall-mounted coat racks to shelving units, here are some brilliant hallway wall hook ideas for every type of space.


1. Anthropologie Marisa Entryway Shelf, $158

This light and airy piece is ideal for a compact entryway. The wall shelf can hold some small decorations, while the bottom coat hanger has ample space for all of your jackets. Plus, if you're prone to misplacing your favorite sunglasses and keys, there is a mini-shelf that's perfect for those easy-to-lose items.


2. Urban Outfitters Sofia Wall Multi-Hook, $34

Looking for something to complete your boho-chic aesthetic? These wall hooks also double as home decor with their artistic silhouette and neutral color. Use the hooks as a coat rack, purse hook, or jacket display ... your options are endless. Since these hooks are easy to fit, you can easily purchase two for extra storage space in a larger entryway.


3. Anthropologie Milo Hook Rack, $98

If you're rocking a home with a mountain of fresh plants, you've found your ideal hook rack. This entryway staple has a fair amount of wall hooks to hold your boho fashion pieces, fringe totes, and sun hats. Plus, the fun design will perfectly complement your big, healthy Peace Lily that people see as soon as they walk in.


4. Urban Outfitters Kamal Folding Multi-Hook, $49

This artistic wall-mounted coat rack is deceptively functional. Due to its intelligent design, you can easily fit multiple purses and pieces of outerwear on this coat rack. If you constantly wish for more wall hooks (cause five doesn't do it for your extensive handbag collection), this piece will make heavy-duty entryway storage a breeze.


5. Anthropologie Louisa Monogram Hook, $18

Looking for a touch of class and charm? These metal hooks are sure to draw the eye as soon as someone enters the home. Plus, these sturdy decorative hooks can handle the weight of puffer jackets and heavy totes, so you can easily unload those pieces that are weighing you down.


6. Rejuvenation Brendon Farrell Hook Rack, $159

There are a lot of sub-par coat racks out there — and there's nothing worse than too-small hooks that can never keep anything hung up. Instead, scoop this 10-hook solid wood rack from Rejuvenation that offers 10 inches of space so you can confidently hang hats, hoods, umbrellas, scarves, and more, without fear of an avalanche. (Throw a fun storage bench underneath for even more organization.)

7. H&M Rattan Coat Hanger Rack, $39.99


If you're struggling with storage and looking for a simple solution, these wall hooks have to be your go-to piece. You can easily use these hooks as a coat rack, turn them into your handbag display area, or even throw one in your bathroom for towel hooks. With a neutral brown, these hooks will fit in with the rest of your home decor.

8. Kohl's 60-in. Entryway Cubby Shelf, $119.39

Sometimes simple coat hooks aren't enough, and you want an all-in-one solution for your entryway wall. This coat rack takes everything up a notch with sturdy metal hooks, a top shelf, and multiple cubbie for purses, keys, hats, first-aid kits, and more. (We'd also get an extra one of these for a laundry room.)

9. Urban Outfitters Ella Mirror Multi-Hook Wall Shelf, $89

You know those moments when you want to check yourself out one last time before you hit the road? Now you can with this mirror wall shelf. Use the coat hooks to house your accessories and allow the mirror to be your new favorite part of your entryway. Bonus tip: Put a hairbrush, a fun fragrance, or your favorite piece of makeup on the floating shelf and create an express vanity.

10. Anthropologie Ruth Hook Rack, $58

Sometimes a fun space is a colorful space. Whether you're looking to add more color or throw in a simple pop of color, these wall hooks will spice up your entryway. After assembly, you can ensure these hooks will be a sturdy and reliable purse and hat rack by the front door.

11. Anthropologie Wall-Mounted Entryway Coat Rack, $548

A modern or rustic space calls for an industrial entryway organizer. This wall mount has it all, from functional irons hooks to sturdy shelves. Use it as a coat rack or turn it into your to-go wardrobe. No matter what you hang on it, this versatile piece will turn your entryway into a small mudroom. Get ready for guests to eye it as soon as they walk in with their winter coats.