You Can Get This New Orleans Home at a Discount — but Only if the Local Cats Can Stay

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If you're a cat person — and really, ​really​ love cats — we have the purrfect property listing for you. Located at 1021 Marigny St. in New Orleans is the Crescent City Cat Club and according to ​Sun Herald​, the residence is now being sold at a discount — but there's a catch.


If the property buyer decides to keep the four-bedroom, three-bathroom shotgun double as a cat cafe or club, they will get an eight percent discount. The full price is $550,000, so the discount would be $44,000. Unfortunately, the current cats are not included (but they are still looking for forever homes). This is according to the Crescent City Cat Club's current owner, Eshyah Selig, on Facebook.

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Before it became a cat club, Selig reports that 1021 Marigny St. was three rentals. That's why the 1,995-square-foot home is split down the middle with two kitchens and two bathrooms. There is also an office, a dedicated "cat room," and an outdoor patio. The buyer will also inherit a giant cat mural thanks to the latter, Selig thinks the property could make for a great daycare center.


If you've been wanting to open your very own cat cafe, now might be the right time. You can find more information about the listing here.



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