14 Unexpected Ways to Scent Your Home

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Candles are so 2020. I mean, not really, but still — for fragrance nerds, a candle can really only accomplish so much. From sprays to electric diffusers to scented drawer liners, there are so many fun ways to bring beautiful scents into your home (or car, even). Check out these unconventional (and even wacky) ways to get your scent on.


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A perfume specially fabricated just for your textiles, you can spritz this fancy aroma on your sheets, pillows, or even laundry, to give it a just-cleaned scent.

Lighting up one of these classy matches releases a burst of perfumed smoke — perfect for keeping in the bathroom.

Pura's plug-in works with a variety of fragrances created from some of your favorite scent-makers — like Apotheke and Homesick.

With this Parisian curiosity, you pour a few drops of essential oil over a piece of alabaster stone, which is so porous that it captures and aerates the scent throughout a room.


Here's an old school French hack for scenting a room: light up a piece of "Armenian paper," which, with its sultry, smoky aroma, will give your home a boho undertone.

Incense, but make it leafy.

Elle Woods would go nuts for this scented notebook!

These remind us of those insect repellant spirals — only we bet these actually smell amazing.

Here's a way to get a cult Diptyque aroma in your house all day long without burning through a smoky candle for hours. The brand's electric wall diffusers easily plug into a socket; all you have to do is pick which signature scent you love the most.


Hang one of these waxy pendants — filled with gorg dried florals and subtly scented — on a door handle or in a closet to provide a low-key freshness to a space.

Make sure your clothing and underwear always feels fresh by lining your drawers in these fun fragranced papers, which smell like fresh cedar.

If your average diffuser just won't do, then why not spend half your rent on this Le Labo diffuser, which includes something called a "nebulizer" which "transform[s] our Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist to spread both light and perfume into your home."

Chuck your scented pine tree for something way classier — a Jo Malone car diffuser.


And for the person with $$ truly obsessed with the scent of their home, try this hotel-grade diffuser, which hooks up to your HVAC system to strategically deliver continuous fragrance to all rooms of your house.