8 Small Guest Room Ideas That Will Make Visitors Think Your Home Is a Luxe Getaway

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Are you ready to redecorate and are looking for guest room ideas? You're in the right place. Working with small spaces isn't the easiest part of the interior design process, but as always, we're on hand to help.


When it comes to optimizing close quarters for visitors, take time to make a plan for every square inch of floor space. Moreover, look for furniture that pulls double duty. For example, opt for bedside tables that have hidden storage space. And don't let the bed frame off the hook either. If possible, get one with drawers, which you can load up with spare clothes or even home decor that's perhaps not in season.


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Want more practical tips? From must-have daybeds to lighting ideas, we rounded up eight tricks (and our favorite online picks that bring the vision to life) to get your home visitor-ready.

8 Brilliant Small Guest Room Ideas

1. Mount sconces on the wall.

When you're lacking square footage, use the walls to your advantage. Install wall sconces so your guests can read in bed. This option won't take up any of the much-needed space on the floor or nightstands (because let's face it — table lamps are bulky). If you want something modern but simple, opt for this bronze and black option from AllModern, which features a plug-in design that allows for easy, renter-friendly installation. Or if you want a little more drama (and color), this sconce from Hay features a fanned-out shade in a number of colors, including a vibrant yellow, dark green, and even a muted lavender.


Get the look‌: AllModern Samira Steel Plug-in Swing Arm Sconce, $94; Hay Matin Wall Sconce, $195

2. Use a daybed.

If you want to make the most of a guest bedroom — i.e., use it beyond the few times a year you have visitors — space-saving furniture is a must. A daybed for your guest bedroom that doubles as an office could be the answer. The Divan chaise lounge from Article is a must for those wanting something couchlike for the space. The heavy-weight back cushions can be moved around to create unique lounging setups or removed entirely for overnight guests. And if you need a little more sleeping room, this option from West Elm features an additional pull-out trundle, comfortably accommodating two sleepers.



Get the look‌: Article Divan Chaise Lounge, $1,299; West Elm Urban Daybed and Trundle, $1,199-$1,499

3. Get creative with color.

While you need to be careful of overpowering a small space, you can still add bold colors without shrinking it. Rather than adding color through paint, wallpaper, or a gallery wall, opt instead for eye-catching (and practical) decor. The Ryan Nesting Side Table Set from Urban Outfitters in a trending green shade is a must for smaller rooms, as the small table slides under the large one when not in use. Also from Urban Outfitters (really the one-stop shop for bold pieces) is this side table, available in four colors and featuring two cubbies.


Get the look‌: Urban Outfitters Ryan Nesting Side Table Set, $199; Urban Outfitters Hugo Side Table, $199

4. Make it multifunctional.

One of the key factors to consider when it comes to furnishing a small guest bedroom is how to create multifunctional areas. This minimalist boho bedroom designed by Kate Lester features a small desk that acts as a nightstand ‌and‌ a place to work. You can get something similar from Crate and Barrel, with the brand's Canyon Desk featuring a natural wood finish and drawer. Another great option is this ladderlike pick from West Elm. The tiered piece takes up minimal space with its vertical orientation, and it offers two shelves as well as a small desk with built-in storage.



Get the look‌: Crate and Barrel Canyon Natural Wood Desk, $599; West Elm Ladder Shelf Wall Desk, $329

5. Add shelving.

Shelving is essential in small quarters, as it makes use of wall space and allows you to display and store items. We love how the DIY wooden shelf in Caileigh Langford's guest bedroom spans the entirety of one wall, giving her ample room to decorate. For a not-so-DIY option, you could grab this similar style from Wayfair. Though each bracket shelf might only be 17 inches long, they're designed to be easily lined up, creating the illusion of one ultra-long shelf. And this stacked, three-tiered shelf from Design Within Reach is available in eight colors (in case you need a bold touch).


Get the look‌: Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Ternate Terranova 10-Piece Bracket Shelf, $79.99; Design Within Reach String Pocket Shelving, $240

6. Reflect light with large mirrors.

Mirrors can help create the illusion of more space in a small room. They bounce around natural light and add depth to a design scheme. Plus, they're kind of a bedroom necessity. Use this as an opportunity to add character to the small space with detailed frames. This option from Lulu and Georgia includes vintage-inspired scroll detailing at the top of the curved mirror. If you want something a little less expensive and a bit more modern, this slender arched option from Home Depot is a great alternative.



Get the look‌: Lulu and Georgia Tulca Floor Mirror, $998; PexFix Black Standing Mirror, $198.49

7. Hang your curtains high.

A common mistake homeowners make when it comes to small rooms (yes, that includes living rooms too) involves the window treatments. Hanging curtains much higher than the window, as demonstrated in Nadine Stay's compact guest bedroom, will add height to the room, making it feel larger. These colorful curtains from Anthropologie are ultra long, allowing you to hang them well above your window's actual top. Or, for a look more in line with Stay's, you could grab this 96-inch-long cream option on Wayfair.


Get the look‌: Anthropologie Bristol Curtain, $88; Etta Avenue Jeremiah Room Darkening Curtain Panel, $77.86

8. Don't be afraid to make a statement.

Just because your guest room is small doesn't mean you can't incorporate unique architectural elements and decorating ideas. An easy way to do so is by swapping out the typical overhead light for a more eye-catching chandelier. We're personally obsessed with this rattan option you can grab on Wayfair, as it has the ability to bring a bright, open element into any space. For a little more drama, though, you can grab this fringe-covered, Hollywood glamour-inspired chandelier from Urban Outfitters.

Get the look‌: Bayou Breeze Woven Chandelier, $87.99; Urban Outfitters Julia Tiered Fringe Chandelier, $299



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