11 Notable Eco-Friendly Products From 2020

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This year might've been a flop in many regards, but it was definitely a hit in terms of eco-friendly product launches. Now more than ever, it's important to be kind to this planet, and even taking the smallest of steps by using some of these sustainability-minded products can help make the world a cleaner place.


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Check out our favorite eco-friendly products of 2020 here, from furniture to appliances to cleaning supplies.

1. West Elm x Eileen Fisher Denim Pillows

What do you get when you take Eileen Fisher's Renew program and combine it with West Elm? Super chic pillow covers made from upcycled denim! We're always fans of a good home/fashion crossover.


2. Bruvi Coffee Maker

If you're into the concept of the single-serve coffee maker, but ​not​ into all the plastic waste that's associated with brewing each cup, Bruvi is for you. The company's proprietary "B-pods" are 100% recyclable, so you don't have to feel guilty about making your morning cup of joe.


3. Model No.

Taking on the extremely wasteful furniture industry, Model No. is changing the game with made-to-order furnishings that use upcycled materials. While some pieces use reclaimed wood, others are 3D printed with a base that repurposes food waste!


4. Stacklab's The Felt Collection

Stacklab's high-end line of furnishings in The Felt Collection utilize scraps of Merino wool sourced from factories in Upstate New York and Toronto. Eventually, the experimental art and design studio hopes to develop software that will allow clients to design their own furniture from discarded materials.


5. Floyd x Thing Thing Table

Detroit-based companies Floyd and Thing Thing collaborated on this limited edition side table crafted from plastic scraps that otherwise would've ended up in a landfill. We love the terrazzo-esque look created by the colorful plastic pieces.


6. Tushy Bidet

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Whether you're sick of flushing rolls and rolls of toilet paper each year, or you fear another TP shortage during the current pandemic wave, you might want to consider installing a Tushy bidet on your toilet. Bidets are both environmentally and economically responsible — and they're super sanitary!


7. Home Office Rentals

Rather than buy cheap furniture for your temporary work-from-home space that you'll end up throwing out later on, consider renting quality pieces that you can return as soon as you head back to your desk at corporate. Companies like Fernish, Feather, and The Everset offer packages that can help cut down on waste.


8. Blueland Dishwasher Tablets

You might be surprised, but the little dishwasher tablets you use every day actually create a lot of plastic waste, from their bulk packaging to their individual wrapping. Thankfully, cleaning product company Blueland launched plastic-free dishwasher tablets earlier this year.

9. Blueland Laundry Tablets

Laundry pods, while convenient, also aren't terribly eco-friendly, so Blueland also launched a plastic-free version that you can toss into your washer guilt-free. They're also made without dyes, phosphates, chlorine, parabens, and phthalates.

10. Jeremiah Brent x Grove Collective

Celeb designer Jeremiah Brent collaborated with Grove Collective on a series of eco-friendly home goods, from dish soap to candles. "We're using natural fragrances, we have soy wax, organic cottons, all of those things which are really amazing materials and resources that are out there," Brent told Hunker. "It's just really about educating people on how easy it is to buy sustainable and to live a life that's a little bit cleaner."

11. Bearaby Velvet Napper

It might be hard to believe, but the extra-cozy, chunky-knit Velvet Napper weighted blanket by Bearaby is actually made from recycled marine plastic. So yes, sign us up for one in every color (there are five, by the way!).