We Predict This Will Be the Most Popular Gift for the Upcoming Holiday Season

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

This year, the holiday season is going to look a bit different. Of course, gathering and celebrating might not be as cozy and crowded as before, but gift giving will also transform. In 2020, we're shopping for a new normal in which a lot of our once-dependable luxuries are no longer available. One such comfort is the ability to exercise in a gym. Most of us haven't worked out with other people since early March and we've had to roll out yoga mats in small corners of our living rooms to break a sweat. That's why we predict that a big-ticket fitness machine will be the most popular holiday gift this year.


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For plenty of recipients, owning gym-quality fitness equipment is the ultimate treat. It's the gift of both physical and mental health — something that has been unattainable to many for months. If this sounds like something your loved one would appreciate, consider these impressive machines for a gift.

1. Peloton Bike, $1,895


Cardio is limitless with Peloton, the indoor exercise bike that features an interactive screen for streaming live and recorded workouts. The real-time classes might be the closest possible thing to sweating in a studio, with instructors shouting out personal encouragement along the way. For even more workout options, the new Bike+ adds an immersive strength training element to the cycling capabilities.


2. Hydrow Rower, $2,199

The Hydrow isn't a gym-quality rowing machine — it's better. An expertly engineered, patented drag mechanism uses electromagnetism and computer controls to make it feel like you're out on the water. The brilliant touchscreen brings the visuals and sounds of the river into your home, enhancing the full-body experience. Organized workouts are offered both live and on-demand, while unguided rows through scenic waterways allow you to set your own pace.


3. Lit Strength Machine, $1,750

The Lit Strength Machine wraps strength and cardio into one piece of multi-use equipment. It includes a rower and a resistance band construction that allows for over 500 unique exercises. The result is the ability to simulate heavy weight training, a pilates reformer, and more. An accompanying mobile workout program provides a variety of classes.


4. The Mirror, $1,495

If space is limited, look to The Mirror for compact and inconspicuous exercise enhancement. When it's off, it just looks like a sleek, full-length mirror against the wall. When it's on, it plays classes from the country's top fitness instructors who provide live motivation and feedback. An extensive library is available, as well as personal training. The celebrity favorite features over 20 genres of workout, from yoga and barre to bootcamp and boxing.


5. Tempo Studio, $1,995

Basically a high-tech home gym kit, Tempo Studio includes dumbbells, a barbell, collars, plates of all weights, a heart rate monitor, a mat, and a recovery roller. All that equipment is packed neatly into the small locker at the base of the large screen and stereo structure, which projects both live and on-demand classes. It's equipped with a 3D motion capture system and advanced A.I. so that instructors can evaluate form and properly coach you throughout the workout.


If a splurge purchase isn't in the budget, there are still a handful of smaller pieces of exercise equipment that pack a punch and make great gifts.

1. Gorilla Bow, $199

Modeled after the ancient bow, this lightweight apparatus facilitates shoulder, chest, leg and core exercises with a set of resistance bands that offer up to 110 pounds of tension. The single tool can target a multitude of muscle groups. Plus, it's slim and easy to store.


2. Crossrope Get Fit Bundle, $238

A combination of light and heavy weighted ropes, as well as slim and power handles, make up the Crossrope Get Fit package. The 1/4 and 1/2 pound ropes are ideal for cardio and HIIT, while the 1 and 2 pound ropes are used for strength. The fast clip connection allows you to switch ropes quickly and easily, so you can have a versatile workout. The bundle comes with access to digital workouts and challenges.

3. P.volve Starter Kit, $159.99

For full body toning, P.volve is the way to go. The starter kit comes with a p.ball, a p.band, 1.5 pound ankle weights, a heavy ankle band, and gliders, as well as a membership for on-demand classes. The ultimate goal is sculpting and activating hard-to-reach muscles.