10 Non-Obvious Candles You Need to Try This Fall

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It's time for Fall at Home: Hunker down, bundle up, and make the season as cozy as possible with our foolproof guide to autumn.

Is there any time of year more perfect for candles than fall? (Nope.) Even if you live in a warmer climate, there's something about finding the right fragrance to welcome the season. Of course, you could go the obvious route with your pumpkin spices and basic cinnamons, but we urge you to think differently this year with some autumnal scents that are just slightly outside the box.


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Sandalwood, cedar, and cardamom combine to create the ambiance of night in a winter cabin. Made from coconut and apricot wax.

No fireplace? No prob! Otherland's Kindling channels an autumn bonfire with notes of Alaskan cedar and smoky embers.

In my home, we have a Christmas candle tradition (it's Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine), but I now think it might be time to have a yearly Thanksgiving candle. Homesick's Thanks candle has base notes of patchouli and musk with top notes of oud wood and lemon flower.

This candle might be pricey but it's worth it — the hand-carved ceramic vessel will be a stunning piece for a coffee table or shelf long after the wax has burnt. As for its scent, LGS calls it "Dirty": a rich, resinous, and smoky blend of palo santo, vetiver, turmeric, and black pepper."


Honestly, put the word "smoky" in front of another ingredient, and it's not a hard sell.

A candle that smells like a fresh-brewed pot of mulled apple cider is already amazing. Now, what if you actually drank some hot cider while this candle burns? Double trouble.

Yield's description of this candle is totally on-point for fall: "Inspired by the natural setting of Saint Augustine's Castillo de San Marcos fortress, built in 1672. Today, the coquina fort is a beautiful waterfront gathering place with a strong ocean breeze and wafts of warming firewood in the fall and winter months." We'll take two, please.

Looking for something more affordable? You can't go wrong with any of Mrs. Meyer's seasonal scents (the price here is for TWO candles), and plus, we love to keep the jars after for kitchen storage.


Get away to the countryside (in your mind) with this candle inspired by the Catskills, meant to evoke the scents of fallen pine needles with notes of cedar, cypress, and juniper.

Last but not least, a pumpkin-clove candle ... because you can't have a list of fall candles with at least something pumpkin! Anthropolgie's take on the ingredient is a bit more highbrow than your basic pumpkin spice with a gorgeous tin and the addition of clove.


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