Why You Need a Pair of Blue Light Glasses (and Where to Buy Them Online)

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Between scrolling through Instagram and TikTok and plugging away at work projects on our computers, many of us spend a lot of time staring at screens each day. Throw in a lot of staying-at-home time without commutes or breaks and suddenly we're realizing all of this screen time is taking a serious toll on our eyes.


According to Ryan Alovis, CEO and Founder of LensDirect, the blue light that screens emit can not only cause eye strain and fatigue, but it can even make it tougher for you to fall and stay asleep. The good news is, you can invest in a pair of blue light glasses that may reduce the negative effects of staring at various screens all day.

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So when, exactly, should you wear them, and for how long? "The best time to wear blue light-filtering lenses is any time you're in front of a screen," says Alovis, "and you should have them on for as long as you're utilizing that device." Sounds pretty straightforward to us.


Below, we rounded up the best places to buy blue-light glasses online to help you find the right pair for your needs and style.


LensDirect offers the option to upgrade any of their frames with BluDefend lenses, a proprietary lens technology that blocks harmful blue light and UV rays. You can also add optional lens magnification to further reduce eye strain.


Our pick:Emory, $74+

Felix Grey

Felix Grey's proprietary blue-light lenses, which you can add to any of the brand's frames, not only filter out blue light, but they also feature an anti-reflecting coat that eliminates glare and unnecessary feedback that can cause eye strain.



Our pick:Faraday, $95+

Look Optic

Look Optic offers a stellar collection of Retinashield lenses designed for people with 20/20 vision as well as those who need prescription lenses. The collection is small but thoughtfully curated, offering five different frame styles in a wide variety of hues.


Our pick:Blue-Light Abbey, $78+

Warby Parker

Warby Parker allows you to add blue light lenses to any of their many different frames for an extra $50, which is definitely a small price to pay for fewer headaches and a better night's sleep.


Our pick:Shea, $95+

Diff Eyewear

Diff Eyewear offers prescription and non-prescription blue-light lenses, as well as readers. Not all of their frames allow you to add blue-light lenses, but over 200 of them do, so it shouldn't be too tough to find the perfect pair.



Our pick:Sawyer, $85


In addition to filtering out blue and UV light, the EBDBlue Plus lenses from EyeBuyDirect come with an easy-clean coating designed to reduce smudging and an anti-static layer to prevent dust build-up.


Our pick:Hollie, $35+

Zenni Optical

You can add Zenni Optical's Blokz blue-light lenses to any of the brand's frames. Plus, you can choose from clear Blokz lenses, as well as Blokz sunglasses and Blokz lenses that automatically darken in bright sunlight. They also happen to be super affordable.


Our pick:Cat Eye, $12.95+


Unlike other brands on this list, Barner sells Blue Light glasses exclusively. Based in Barcelona, this brand was founded after two best friends realized they couldn't work and play as hard as they wanted to because of eye strain. They crowdsourced the funding they needed and are now Instagram's most popular brand. You can add a prescription to them or just rock them without for healthier eyes.

Our pick:Bright Sky, $71



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