Where to Buy Face Mask Filter Replacements Online

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By now, you're likely well-versed on the topic of face masks. Whether you bought some online or you've become a DIY-ing pro, you have also probably learned to wash your mask regularly to disinfect it and keep it safe. But, what about adding a filter or replacing one you already have?


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Research suggests that including a filter in your masks can actually help increase the protection it offers you and those around you. According to the New York Times, filters can help prevent up to 80% of particles in the air.

To help, we rounded up 10 online retailers who are now selling non-medical filter replacements that can be added to your mask. The below suggestions offer a range of sizes and filter materials for you to choose from depending on your needs and include a variety of washable ones as well. The general guidelines recommend replacing or washing the filters at least once a week if used daily but double-check with each retailer for specific instructions.


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1. Vistaprint filter packs, $10 for 10

Vistaprint RFS reusable masks are engineered with a Replaceable Filter System that blocks airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. A replaceable fiber filter means you can rewash your mask over and over, reducing waste and staying safe.


2. Casetify 10-Pack Interchangeable PM 2.5 Filters, $10

These filters are made with activated carbon fibers and can block 95% of particle matters that measure 2.5 micrometers and smaller — hence the name PM 2.5, which you'll see throughout this list. Human hair is generally around 70 micrometers (way larger), while dust, pollen, and mold measure around 10 micrometers, so PM 2.5 masks help protect against even the smallest of germs and particles in the air. Of course, the efficiency of filtration will rely on a good fit of the mask.


3. Vida Protective Mask Replacement Filters, $12

These PM 2.5 6-layered masks also include an activated carbon filter, designed to effectively block airborne contaminants. They should not be washed but instead replaced after one week of use.


4. NoahMasks Washable Face Mask Filter, $5.77

This washable mask is made of non-woven microfiber and, thanks to its non-woven structure, is designed to let fewer particles through than regular woven fabric. It should be washed after every eight hours of use at no warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or by hand in warm water and soap.


5. Ministry of Supply Mask Filter Pack, $20

These 3D-printed replacement filters have been independently tested by Nelson Labs using an ASTM standard for filtration media to provide higher than 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. They are not washable and should be replaced after eight hours of use.


6. FaceMaskFilterLiner Washable Lining Filter Sheets (Pack of Four), $7.99

These washable masks are composed of a Tribo-Electric synthetic media, which, according to the Etsy seller, is a special blend of cotton and polymer microfibers that have the ability to "self-charge" when rubbed together. This creates a strong electric field that super-enhances the fibers' ability to trap air particulates, producing a media with superior filtration capabilities. It can be machine-washed along with your mask on the delicate cycle.


7. Mary Studio Designs PM 2.5 Fine Particles, $16

Another PM 2.5 made with activated carbon, this set includes five filters and is shipped within one business day.


8. ShopMilkNToast Reusable Mask with Filter Replacements, $10.99

Each order from this Etsy shop includes one filter pocket mask and five PM 2.5 filters to insert into the pocket of the mask. The masks are recommended to be hand-washed and air-dried, while the filters are not reusable and are recommended to be replaced after one day's use.


9. NewYorkSYTrimming 50pcs Face Mask Replacement Filters, $19.99

These self-adhesive filters come in a pack of 50 and are made from a non-woven polypropylene fabric and cellulose. They can used on any face mask and should be disposed of and replaced after each use.

  1. Steve Madden Mask Filter, $25

Forget heels and sandals, Steve Madden is now selling these PM 2.5 activated charcoal masks in a pack of 20. Face masks sold separately.


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