These $13 Amazon Bike Shorts Are My New WFH Uniform

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It's been touted all over social media, and I'm here to tell you that it's true: Bike shorts have become the "it" fashion of the pandemic. Why? They're comfortable but also trendy enough to make you feel like you've actually "gotten dressed" in the morning.


I have fully jumped on the bike short bandwagon. My obsession started with Everlane's Perform bike short, but when I circled back to buy a second pair, they were on back order for weeks. (Go figure.) So, I took a chance, and purchased a couple of the first result on Amazon for bike shorts, from a company called Leggings Depot. They were less than $15 each, and I was impressed with the color selection — everything from mustardy yellows to forest greens to punchy reds.

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Well, reader, I must tell you I was beyond impressed with my Amazon bike shorts. They are delightfully soft (even my husband felt them and went, "OoOOoo!"). The fit (medium) was perfect. I purchased two in different green hues and washed them with some dish rags, just in case the color might bleed — which it didn't in the slightest. Best of all, I can put them on in the morning and work a full day feeling comfortable and accomplished. (I particularly love them for my 20-minute midday YouTube workout pause.)

Leggings Depot Women's Fashion Biker Workout Shorts, $12.99-$13.99



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